IPhone, XBox, PS2, Zune, and Saving Earth: Not All at the Same Time

According to recent reports the increased popularity of electronic gadgets threatens to undue attempts to lower carbon emissions. According to a report entitled The Ampere Strikes Back, household appliances consume 1/3 of the energy use for the average UK home. The graph below represents the increased energy consumption of various television sets. So, when you are downloading the pod cast of Live Earth, it seems that you may be undoing the benefits you thought you were trying to accomplish.

Comparison of energy costs per type of TV

Similarly, as you drive along in your Prius with your laptop, cell, digital camera, on the way home to game on your Xbox attached to your flat screen it may all be for naught. Additionally, the carbon footprint of Xbox 360 users is considerably higher than PS2 users. The Xbox 360 uses 159.4 watts versus 38.3 watts for the PS2. 

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