Notre Dame: Coach Weis "I Looked at Myself and Saw a Disaster.”

The latest news out of Troy details the 0630 preparation-camp workouts and the competition between USC veterans like Terrell Thomas, Lawrence Jackson, and Sedrick Ellis who wear weight vests during workouts. And, how 5-Star Everson Griffen was the fastest of the D linemen. Top news from Notre Dame. Coach Weis is in court testifying about seeing him himself on television and thinking “I looked at myself and saw a disaster.”

Proving the doctors were unsuccessful in Weis’s gastric-bypass surgery should not be difficult, just look at the coach.
preseason #1, the JDB looking to be the 3rd QB in 6 years to win the Heisman.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish – just hoping that Weis does not eat Jimmy Clausen (aka Deryck Whibley)

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