NBA Referee Betting on Games

Tim Donaghy, ex-NBA referee was characterized by league commissioner, David Stern, as a “rouge . . . criminal.” Donaghy had been a referee in the NBA for 13 years, prior to his resignation in early July. The FBI is investigating Donaghy for betting on games that he officiated, and providing information to others about games.

Though no charges have been filed against Donaghy, his lawyer says he is contemplating a plea. This may indicate that he intends to cooperate with authorities. This, in combination with Commissioner Stern being unable to say if other referees were being investigated, leads one to believe Donaghy is not an isolated case.

We will see if Commissioner Stern returns any of the $1,665,000 in fines paid by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, for his statements that were critical of league officials, How dare Cuban be critical of a referee who is a degenerate gambler with significant gambling debts, betting on the game he is officiating, and passing information to other gamblers about games.

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  1. Looks like that loudmouth, Cuban may finally have a point.

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