Plaintiff From Riches© v. Michael Vick Sues Magna Carta, Skittles, Notre Dame, Pete Rose, Et Al.

You may remember Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches© from his civil action against Michael Vick, wherein he sued Mr. Vick for, inter alia, subjecting him to microwave testing, dealing drugs in a school zone, and purchasing missiles from the government of Iran. In the attached complaint, Mr. Riches© names a mind-numbing number of defendants, although his cause of action is unclear. The only fitting punishment for Mr. Riches© would be to force him to litigate his case before Judge Halverson. Actually, that would be a fitting punishment for both.

Below is a visual depiction of some of the many, and varied, defendants listed in the complaint:

3 Responses

  1. […] and mugs, and subjecting him to microwave testing — got picked up by the national media (and this blog who linked to our pdf without even crediting us! It’s called netiquette, […]

  2. Oh, if only you’d seen the complaint. Its the best yet.

  3. To me it is necessary to find

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