46,686 Fans Attend David Beckham Game: 43 Fans Care About Soccer

That 43 may be high, but it is admittedly an estimate. We need to put this soccer “craze” in perspective, 46,000 to see a game is not a big deal. It would be a bid deal if either the Galaxy or United had that kind of attendance on a regular basis. The average MLS game pulls in 14,883 fans. The lowest attendance 7,101 between the Colorado Rapids and Kansas City Wizards. That is pathetic. Take NCAA Football in 2005 Michigan averaged 110,915, Tennessee 107,593, you have to get to La.-Monroe at number 105 to get an average attendance lower than MLS.
Beckham is great, he uses hair product, he is married to oregano or coriander spice . That is not enough to make soccer anything approaching relevant. Also, the Galaxy lost, 1-0. It must have been an incredible game, just ask Michael Wilbon from ESPN.

yojoe out

P.S. If we have to see any of these soccer type whip of a shirt, can it at least be Mia Hamm and not Beckham.

https://i0.wp.com/www-atdp.berkeley.edu/9931/images/brandi.jpgDavid Beckham

3 Responses

  1. You know, as much as I try to get into Soccer… I just can’t. There is no doubt that these guys are amazing athletes, but the game is so long and so slow. I don’t ever see it becoming that big in America. If Beckham can’t make it popular, who can?

  2. Pelé was not able to. We just don’t like it here in the U.S. Keep trying to sell it, it just is not happening. Football, Baseball, Basketball . . . Hockey/NASCAR, Golf, Tennis. That is it.

  3. The problem with soccer here is that we need a so called “Star” to make the game popular. Americans are virtually the only country that can’t enjoy a soccer match without the need to have a “Star” player. Also, Americans (all 43 of them) watch soccer to see goals. The rest of the world watches soccer to see…………..soccer.

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