Michael Vick Update: Guilty Pleas and 63-Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Two of Michael Vick’s co-defendants will plead guilty on Friday, 17AUG07. Purnell Pace and Quanis Phillips are scheduled to enter guilty pleas in federal court for their involvement in the dog-fighting conspiracy that Michael Vick is alleged to be involved in. Another, co-defendant has previously pleaded guilty.

As the number of associates of Bad Newz Kennels who are accepting plea agreements increases, the outlook for Vick becomes more bleak. A spokesman for Vick said he has not made a decision about entering into a possible plea bargain. Mr. Vick could face 6 years in prison and a fine of $350,000.

This is all in addition to the civil suit filed by Jonathan Lee Riches© against Mr. Vick, wherein, Vick is accused of larceny, identity theft, and subjecting Mr. Riches© to microwave testing. Mr. Riches© is seeking 63 billion dollars. This is not the first lawsuit filed by Mr. Riches©.