Jonathan Lee Riches© v. LeBron James, Michal Vick, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, Tony Montana, Mickey Mantle, and Allen Iverson

Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches©, on 16AUG07, filed a civil rights complaint, entitled “FRAUD IN SPORTS” “CHEATING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” against:

  • LeBron James
  • Michael Vick (again, he named Mr. Vick in a previous complaint)
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Michael Jordan
  • Joe Montana
  • Tony Montana (Did he play for the Dolphins? No, must be the Bengals)
  • Mickey Mantle
  • Allen Iverson

Mr. Riches© is seeking $83,000,000,000.00 in damages. But this time he did not want the money for himself. The JLR (as Mr. Riches© is referred to on Dreadnaught) has become a philanthropist. He wants the money to be donated to “Greensburg Kansas Tornado victims, Kent State Massacre victims, Richard Jewel, (a party he has previously sued), coal miners, skid row section of L.A.”

As usual it is best to dissect a JLR case count by count:

  1. Defendants are in a super vast conspiracy to ruin my life and hiJak my brain. My name is Jonathan Lee Richards, “secured party” under the Uniform Commercial Code, serving 125 months in Federal Prision for Identity theft, fraud, Hacking, Phishing, spamming. My case was from the Southern District of Texas, Case # H-03-09.

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Jewish Mossad, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and Larry King Live

This complaint was filed by Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches© (“JLR“) in July 2007, in the United States District Court of New Hampshire. The named defendants are “Jewish Mossad; Central Intelligence Agency ‘cia‘; and Larry King Live.” As usual, Mr. Riches© demands a outlandish amount of money: “211,429,399,000,000.00 Trillion dollars.” This time he entitles his complaint “The Hijacking of America.”

It is best to go through the complaint count by count:

  1. Defendants are in a vast conspiracy to hijack my torso, 3 toes, and my constitutional rights and ship them to a secret headquarters in Concord New Hampshire.
    • Why only three of his toes? Does he only have three, or is Larry King content with allowing him to keep his other seven? Can one ship the constitutional rights of another person? What would the shipping charges be and would a signature be required? As an aside, if you have to ship constitutional rights, don’t use DHL, they never leave packages at your door and you have to drive to their ghetto warehouse to get your package. Continue reading

Crack v. Cocaine: The Supreme Court to Rule on Decreased Punishment for Powder Cocaine

The Supreme Court added to its docket United States v. Kimbrough, 06-6330, which involves the application of the United States Sentencing Guidelines (“Guidelines”).

Note – Crack cocaine (hereinafter “crack“) is cocaine hydrochloride that is processed with baking soda to form of cocaine capable of being smoked. Cocaine in powder form will be referred to as “cocaine.”

Synopsis – Kimbrough was sentenced to 120 months for possession of 50 grams of crack cocaine. The range under the Guidelines was 168 – 210 months. The judge made the downward departure from the Guidelines based upon his disagreement with the sentencing disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine. This disparity in sentencing is known as the “100:1 crack/powder ratio,” which means that a defendant who deals 100 pounds of powder cocaine faces the same punishment as the defendant who deals 1 pound of crack.

Issue – The Court will decide whether a judge may deviate from the Guidelines if he disagrees with the decreased punishment for powder cocaine by giving a shorter sentence than required.

State of the Law – In United States v. Booker, the Supreme Court held that sentence enhancements, under the Guidelines, based upon facts found by the sentencing court and not a jury, violated the Sixth Amendment. The Booker majority remedied this situation by making the Guidelines advisory. Continue reading

Dreadnaught 10,000

Thanks to anyone who has read Dreadnaught.  Special thanks to Armillary Observations, where yojoe still posts, Jonathan Lee Riches©, and the wife for first sharing a complaint filed by Mr. Riches©.

yojoe out

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Defcon and

This complaint dates back to March 2006 and is directed against a hacker publication,, and a convention for hackers called DEF CON. Mr. Riches© demands an exorbitant amount of money, as is his wont, in this case $669 trillion. Mr. Riches© also demands the return of the following items:

  • voice changers
  • Id Making Equipment
  • Phone Scramblers
  • blue box
  • Pen register
  • toshiba
  • Phone diverters
  • calling cards
  • Spy Equipment
  • Gino Romano Dolls-T-shirts-hats
  • route accounts
  • PBX’s
  • Ani Spoofer

Jonathan Lee., Riches© v. Defcon,, Case Number 2:2006cv00293, at 1-2.

With this list of items to be returned, it is unthinkable that Mr. Riches© could be involved in any criminal activity. Mr. Riches© alleges that DEF CON, along with other individuals, is involved in a vast conspiracy with the UCC to exploit his name “Gino Romano” on chat lines. How one enters into a conspiracy with a uniform act, which recommends the commercial law that should be adopted by states, is difficult to comprehend. But, this is a JLR complaint.

Mr. Riches© further alleges that DEF CON and entered into an alliance with Al Qaeda, Irish Republican Army, Nigerian Janjaweeds, and Colombian FARC. The alleged goal of this alliance is to profit from Mr. Riches©’s on-line nom de plume “Gino Romano.” The complaint was dismissed for failure to comply with a court order to file an application to proceed in forma pauperis or to pay a $250 filing fee.

yojoe© out

P.S. If any members of DEF CON or were offended by this post, yojoe is apologizing. Yojoe does not agree with any of the allegations of Mr. Riches©.

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