Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Jewish Mossad, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and Larry King Live

This complaint was filed by Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches© (“JLR“) in July 2007, in the United States District Court of New Hampshire. The named defendants are “Jewish Mossad; Central Intelligence Agency ‘cia‘; and Larry King Live.” As usual, Mr. Riches© demands a outlandish amount of money: “211,429,399,000,000.00 Trillion dollars.” This time he entitles his complaint “The Hijacking of America.”

It is best to go through the complaint count by count:

  1. Defendants are in a vast conspiracy to hijack my torso, 3 toes, and my constitutional rights and ship them to a secret headquarters in Concord New Hampshire.
    • Why only three of his toes? Does he only have three, or is Larry King content with allowing him to keep his other seven? Can one ship the constitutional rights of another person? What would the shipping charges be and would a signature be required? As an aside, if you have to ship constitutional rights, don’t use DHL, they never leave packages at your door and you have to drive to their ghetto warehouse to get your package.
  2. Jewish Mossad told me personally on April 20th, 2007 that they are going to hang me to a cross next to Jesus Christ.
  3. Larry King Live is a voodoo witch doctor who stole my identity on Feb 25th 2003 and purchased lead paint, chips ahoy, Planters peanuts and zip Lock bags under my identity. Distributed them to the CIA to microwave test my DNA.
    • First, are we to believe that Mr. Larry King can not purchase his own Chips Ahoy? Has he been baned from purchasing all cookies? Second, how can you get the DNA of a person by purchasing consumer goods using their identity? Can yojoe purchase some Fig Newtons and WD-40 with Osama Bin Laden’s identity and get is DNA? If so, we should look into this, because that may help us catch that guy.
  4. The CIA on Jan 4th, 2006 plead allegiance to Al-qaeda and conspired with the Uniform Commercial Code “U.C.C.” to stealing strawman identity.
    • This has been asked before, but how do you enter int an alliance with the UCC? This is a proposed set of rules for commercial transactions. Yojoe is conspiring with the owners manual from a 1978 Subaru Brat to rule London.
  5. FCI Williamsburg hired Robotic guards financed through the Mossad and Capital 1 banking, covert prostitution, grave yard stealing, garage sale theft operation.
    • Prostitution to finance robotic prison guards.
  6. Defendants are involved with Trading with the Enemy Act by donating my art work to N. Korea and Burma in exchange for weapons being shipped to Sudan’s JanJaweed next door to Chad.
    • So Larry King, or possibly the entire Larry King Live show, drives to Williamsburg, SC, and takes Mr. Riches©’s art and ships it to Kim-Jong Il and Burma in exchange for weapons to be delivered to Sudan. Note: Burma is now Myanmar, show some ethnic sensitivity JLR. Is Oliver North involved in any of this?
  7. Defendants inserted micro chips and are dashing my hopes.
    • Are the microchips dashing his hopes? What hopes does JLR have? You can bet he hopes to get out of prison and ally himself with the instruction to Twister to kick Barry Bond’s ass for using Hank Aaron’s bat to crack the Liberty Bell.

In is request for relief JLR asks for a restraining order against the named defendants and NASA. A court can not issue an order against a party who is not named in the complaint. NASA was not put on notice. This would a travesty of justice if an restraining order was issued against NASA. Good news, the court refused to docket his case. You got off easy, this time, NASA but watch your step or JLR will put you in a hurt locker.

yojoe© out

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One Response

  1. Michael Vick and Mossad are dashing his hopes?

    I think that Frank Sinatra, Nelson Mandella, Discovery Channel, Jack Bauer and the New York Subway 8 train are consipiring to keep Mr. Riches (C) locked into a state of euphoria to keep him from further unravelling their plot to make Fruit Rollups an international currency

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