Arrest and Booking Information: Jonathan Lee Riches©

This information comes from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in

Jonathan Lee Riches©

Tamp, Florida. Mr. Riches© was arrested arrested on 25FEB03 for “Fraud Imperson/Pass forged.” Riches©’s (grammar note: not sure where to place the apostrophe when dealing with the copyright symbol) employer is listed as “Federal Inmate.” It appears the JLR was released to Federal authorities on 18Mar03.

yojoe© out

One Response

  1. I am a little afraid to post anything from fear of being sued; however, I have take then time (and expense) to review his rantings (oops, filings) via PACER (ALL OF THEM). He is a good case for the prision offiicals not keeping him busy enough.

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