Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Government Snitches

Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches©, on 5JAN07, filed this civil rights complaint, entitled Jonathan Lee., Riches© AKA “Secured Party,” Plaintiff vs. Government Snitches and Informants Inc., etc. All.

Mr. Riches© is seeking “$429,628,900,000,000.00 trillion dollars back by gold and silver” in damages. The JLR (as Mr. Riches© is referred to on Dreadnaught) also requested a “preliminary injunction restraining order against Defendants and air force one.”

As usual, it is best to dissect a JLR case count by count:

  1. Government Snitches and Informants Inc. is a secret organization based in Miami Florida. Members and Defendant’s also Include George W. Bush, President of the United States, Sen. Arlen Spector, Richard Simmons, Gangs from Hong Kong, Columbine High School, RFID Radio Chips. Government Snitches and Informants Inc. “GSII” and George W. Bush Joined Allegiance to Al-qaeda on 12-6-2001 at a I-45 rest stop. I witnessed this meeting and trading of Government secrets to a foreign Enemy.
    • All of these parties met at a rest stop? The entire student body of Columbine High School?
  2. Government Snitches and Informants Inc Stole my copyrighted Name and trademark on 12-16-1998. This company also stole my Identity on 3-22-02 and ordered a Capital One card in my Name.
    • Copyright is the protection of “‘original works of authorship.’ including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual works.” This protection, in the United States, is codified in title 17 of the U.S. Code. A trademark is a “word, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.” Thus, “Jonathan Lee Riches” may qualify for a trademark; but, copyright protection is inapplicable. JLR may want to change his signature block to “Jonathan Lee Riches™” or ® only after the USPTO registers the mark. If there are any IP lawyers reading this, yojoe has a question. If one authors a one line poem, could this qualify for both copyright and trademark protection? Also, the title of an original work, e.g., the tile of a book, does this qualify for both protections?
  3. GSII” hires illegal workers from Cuba to entrap innocent people of the streets to commit crime. “GSII” built a secret tunnel from Miami International Airport underneath the layers and crust of the earth to a remote Cuban location.
    • The distance form Miami, Florida to Havana, Cuba is approximately 288 miles. The longest subaqueous tunnel is the Tokyo Bay Aqualine Tunnel, which is 5.9 miles. If random gangs from Hong Kong can construct a tunnel 222 miles longer then the previous record holder is extraordinary. Guinness should be contacted.
  4. Defendants placed computer chips in by brain. I’m subjected to brain washing and microwave testing daily. 6/15/98 defendants spun me in a washer and dryer. 4/02/99 defendants Plotted Elizabeth Smarts Kidnapping. 12-11-2004 defendants Injected Parasites into my brain. 5-29-2005 defendants overdosed me with ethanol. 11/16-2002 defendants made Midgets watch me in trucks painted with “Roto Rooter” logo. 10-21-2002 defendants Joined Neo-Nazi’s.
    • JLR the word “midget” is not appropriate. The preferred nomenclature is little people.

Note: Mr. Riches refers to himself as “Secured Party” and cites to “U.C.C. 1-308” in his signature block. The problem is that U.C.C. § 1-308 relates to a party to a contract either performing or accepting performance without losing any of her rights under the contract, by using words such as “under protest.” Under the U.C.C. a “secured party” is a “person in whose favor a security interest is created or provided for under a security agreement . . .” U.C.C. § 9-102(72)(A). Fear not, the JLR remedies the problem by suing the Uniform Commercial Code.
yojoe© out

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2 Responses

  1. This is great stuff!!!

    I host a weekly internet radio show on Rock N Games Radio – every Monday from 7-9 Eastern Time.

    I am dedicating my entire show tonight to the pur comic genuis of JLR!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. We will look forward to your show on There are more suits by JLR and Dreadnaught will keep you and your audience updated.


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