Jonathan Lee Riches© v. I-35W Bridge, et al

Jonathan Lee Riches© has sued a bridge.
The complaint, Jonathan Lee Riches©, Plaintiff v. I-35W Bridge, Interstate 35 West Bridge; Governor Thomas J. Vilsack; U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters; Army Corps of Engineers; NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker; Silver Bridge, Ohio; Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay; Mississippi River; Defendant’s was filed on 20 August 2007.

The complaint is entitled “Justice for Victims,” “TRO Temporary Restraining Order.” Plaintiff is seeking “125,000,000,000 Billion dollars” for “victims of I-35.”
The JLR lists the following complaints:

1. My name is Jonathan Lee Riche. I’m serving an illegal sentence of 125 months in federal prison for Identity theft, wire fraud, Hackings, Phishing, telephone Phreaking. My case is out of the Southern District of Texas, Case #H-03-90. I warned the state of Minnesota in the past about bridge cracks on I-35 west Bridge. I wrote letters to the Governor between April 20, 1999 until my federal Arrest Feb 25th, 2003. The Governor responded back to me “mind your business kid.” I’m entitled for relief under the whistleblowing act.

2. Defendant’s are in a vast conspiracy to sabotage bridges around the country, including; I-35W, Silver Bridge in Ohio, Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Covered Bridges in Pennsylvania.

3. My Identity was stolen from Defendants. My credit was used to purchase imported steel from Japan’s Nippon Co. Defendants also bought Home Depot Lumber.

4. I witnessed Defendants trading secrets with International cartels and cabals, Blueprints and demolition of bridges.

5. Defendant’s placed obese people beside the victims on I-35W prior to bridge falling. Thus put strains on the concrete.

6. I-35W was sabotage created by Defendants to Justify more federal funding at the expense of tax payers. The Governor has a secret plan to put toll roads around the city, and charge people entering the city, RFID chip people entering the state.

7. Defendant’s placed my copyrighted picture on the Hillsborough county Jail, Tampa, Florida inmate lookup site without my consent. Defendant’s also used my copyrighted name on billboards, hallways at Mall of America, Stuckeys, for commercial gain.

8. Defendants are in a conspiracy with Alaska Senator Ted Stevens to build a bridge to nowhere.

9. I suffered Psychiatric trauma watching the buildings fall on Youtube. The Defendants are testing my mind to the limits. I get hate mail from Exposing them. Defendants cause me to lose weight. I now weigh 125 Lbs at 5ft 10in, I have pictures to show upon request. I used to weigh a healthy 170 Lbs.

10. Defendants threatened to crack more bridges. A deliberate Act to cause panic and chaos.

11. Plaintiff also files a motion for appointment of counsel, As I need Legal help Against this conspiracy.

12. Defendants violated my 6th amendment rights on my criminal case by enhancing me millions of Dollars of fraud loss that was not proven to a Jury nor in my Indictment. Defendants accused me of Stealing Janet Reno’s Identity getting a gold Lexus in her name, using a credit card to charge vehicle insurance, faxing the policy to KinKo’s. Defendants falsely Accused me of stealing Sean “P-ditty” Combs Citibank card and adding a authorized user in the name “Christie Combs” and sending it to Mail Boxes Etc., in Tarpon Springs, Fl. to use. Defendant’s accused me of hacking into AOL and stealing thousands of customers information through a “spamming” and “phishing” operation.

13. Defendants bet on sports, Defendants are in negotiations to buy the Wall St. Journal. Defendants have future secret plan, the secrets guarded at a military brig in Charleston, S.C.

Just to get this straight. The Army Corps of Engineers demolished the I-35 bridge, using the obese, to ensure increased Federal funding for infrastructure.

yojoe© out

5 Responses

  1. On the one hand, I hate to think of the suffering that the relatives of the Minnesota victims are going through as they read this stuff, especially since there’s the possibility that they may file a suit of their own in the future, and this frivolous suit dampens their own chances.

    On the other hand…Riches is probably right about Ted Stevens.

  2. You sir are the for most Jonathan Lee Riches expert of any generation. I like this blog, it’s a shame I haven’t found it before. I have a lot of reading to do. I’m adding you to my blog roll.

  3. Ditto Mr. Sanchez©

  4. Vilsack isn’t even the Governor of Minnesota. From January 1999 to January 2007, he was the Governor of Iowa. Of course, maybe he’s suing Vilsack for a reason. Fine with me, as he’s a douchebag anyway.

  5. how did 35 w fall

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