Trojans Lose Second Leading Rusher: Emmanuel Moody

Emmanuel Moody is leaving Troy. With the glut of talent in the backfield, Moody is looking to transfer to a program where he can be the feature tailback. Entering camp there were 10 players competing for play at tailback, including the 2007 Parade Player of the Year (along with Jimmy Clausen) Joe McKnight.

The depth chart for tailback (ranked by and Tribute To Troy)

  1. Chancey Washington
  2. Joe McKnight
  3. Staffon Johnson
  4. C.J. Gable
  5. Allen Bradford
  6. Broderick Green
  7. Hershel Dennis
  8. Desmond Reed
  9. Marc Tyler

It looks like SI may have to change its cover.


yojoe Fight On!

One Response

  1. Emmanuel Moody will go on to be one of College Football’s Greats. If only Pete Carroll would have given him the respect he deserved, the Gators wouldn’t be my top pick for taking it all this year.

    Oh Pete, what were you thinking!!!

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