Jonathan Lee Riches© v. The World Wide Web

The JLR is now going after Jon Swartz of USA Today,, and the World Wide Web in a complaint entitled “Hacking the Planet,” “Computer Genocide.” See, Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Jon Swarts USA Today; Virginia Tech Shooting; Ed Mierzwinski U.S. Pirg;; Phishing; world wide web

The following are the counts from his complaint:

1. Jon Swarts USA Today is a reporter. He writes on Cybercrime stories. His stories show the know how and encourages people to commit cybercrime. This is entrapment. He writes how to do creditcard fraud, how to encode date on a magnetic strip, how to commit Identity theft. Then he sits back and waits. Then reports the crime to the FBI for whistle blowing money.

2. Jon Swarts USA Today provided Cho the creditcard to buy handguns to shoot Virginia Tech. Swartz showed Cho how to boost his credit score to get higher available credit. Swartz also showed Cho how to commit Identity theft and Phishing over the www.

3. Jon Swarts USA Today is in a vast conspiracy with Ed Mierzwinski u.s. prig, Norris hall student, convicted computer hackers and Phreakers, my online hacking handle “Gino Romano,” to publish different ways to do cybercrime. They even hacked my Mind.

4. Plaintiff asks for relief for a restraining order against any more publications by Jon Swartz USA Today, to stop publications at Virginia Tech, stay away from me, stop using my copyrighted name Jonathan Lee Riches© in Newspaper Articles, stop calling me a super hacker, stop violating my 6th Amendment rights to being an Identity theft, Identity fraud Kingpin which was not proven by a jury.

This complaint was dismissed as frivolous, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1951(e)(2)(b)(i). That, predictably, did not stop the JLR. He filed an appeal, which states the following:

Comes now the Plaintiff, Jonathan Lee Riches© A/K/A “The Tigerwoods of cyberhood,” in pro-se, moves this Honorable Court to Appeal United States District Judge’s Samuel G. Wilson’s Aug 13, 2007 memorandum opinion dismissing Plaintiffs Lawsuit.

Motion For Judges Recusal Under 28 USC 455(A)(B)

Judge Samuel G. Wilson should of recused himself before dismissing this suit under 455(A),(B) because of numerous conflicts on Interests, Financial Interests that he has with the Defendant’s in this suit.

Jon Swartz USA Today reporter conspired with the Virginia Tech shooting to destroy America’s freedoms. The Judge in this case uses the world wide web, which is one of the defendants. An unfavorable ruling would result in the Judge losing his internet access.

Super hackers are roaming the internet sending Trojan horses and Keystroke Logger on Americans computers. I can help put a stop to this madness.

I was a Superhacker in the cyberwold to stop evil. Jon Swartz is showing hackers world wide web how to commit fraud, his article are a blueprint manual to entrap people.

December4th, 1999 – Jon Swartz wrote a bogus article about Jonathan Lee Riches A/K/A “Gino Romano” hacking into Western Unions toll Free money transfer department, call forwarding the switch, and intercepting the Lint to get Western Unions agents bingo codes. Using the codes to send money nationwide for pickup.

Aug 16, 2000 – Jon Swartz articles lied about me buying PUC printers by Fargo and hacking into choicepoint to make fake drivers licences.

Jonathan Lee Riches© is copyrighted in the cyberwold. Known as “Gino Romano” on telephone partylines, i.e. Binghamton Raven, Utah and Nevada chatlines from the back of Rolling Stones Magazine.

Under 28 USC 455(B) – my 6th Amendment rights are being violated. No one in prison is feeding me. I weigh 125 Lbs at 5ft 10 inches. I’m starving. I’m more then 500 miles away from my family. I plead guilty and is still serving 125 months for fraud. I’m accused of stealing millions of dollars that was not in my indictment or found guilty by a Jury. This is a Booker and Fan Fan violation.

Jon Swartz sends secret codes in his articles to the Russians, Morris Code. Swartz is responsible for missing Planes in the Bermuda triangle.

Jon Swartz sent a computer worm through the Fiber optic cables on June 17, 2004. This court must impose a restraining order against the world wide web.

Notice is hereby given that Jonathan Lee Riches©, Plaintiff in the above named case, hereby appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Forth Circuit entered in the action on the Nineteenth day of the Eighth Month, 2007.
We will see how the 4th Circuit deals with this. If there are no further posts on Dreadnaught, you will know there has been a TRO issued against The Web. Also, if we need the JLR to stop the madness, there is more madness than we can possibly comprehend.

yojoe© out

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  2. You look great. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well I can’t wait for some qlitauy time together. Busy week ahead for you!! Love you lots

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