Pete Carrol Comments on John David Booty

Coach Carrol has the following to say about the JDB:

“I thought John was stellar…He’s just had a fantastic camp. He’s
thrown almost four hundred passes without throwing a pick in this camp. Not to jinx him at all, but that’s a fantastic demonstration of his understanding of what’s going on and his feel.”

USCJust 8 days until life has meaning and the Men of Troy make their bid for New Orleans. and the JDB makes his run for the Heisman.

yojoe Fight On!

2 Responses

  1. Pete Carroll is a steroid dealing punk.

    I hope Michael Vick moves into his neighborhood.

    btw: Mike Vick will get off on the dog torture and gambling charges. No plea on that, just like Pete Carroll NEVER accepts personal resposibilty for doping his kids and their numerous felony arrests and deaths by age 21. Last year’s punter fell off a cliff drunk at age 21.

    Pete Carroll is why TV college football is rotten.

  2. Booty is going to have a great year

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