Former Trojan Emmanuel Moody: Gator or Tarheal



The reports are coming in and it appears that former-Man of Troy Emmanuel Moody will going to Florida or North Carolina.

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Moody left USC because he wanted to be a featured back. The problem with Moody going to Florida, Continue reading

Weis Refuses to Announce Which QB Will Lead the Irish to 0-8

Notre Dame The Fighting Irish Coach Charlie “I Looked at Myself and Saw a Disaster” Weis refuses to divulge his choice for quarterback. Please Coach Wies, tell us who will be
the next Ron Powlus and lead your Irish to 8 straight losses. (You may break the
streak with Navy). Maybe this new quarterback will have the bravery to duplicate the brave Brady Quinn’s record:
Against Michigan – 2-2
Against USC – 0-4
Bowl games – 0-3
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Tickets
Coach Weis will likely have as many wins on the field as he did in his malpractice lawsuit.

yojoe Fight On!