Emmanuel Moody: Decides on Florida


Emmanuel Moody, former USC Trojan, has made his decision and he is heading to Florida. Moody wanted the be the featured back, thus SC is the last place he wanted to play. Moody says he followed his heart when choosing the Gators.

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  1. Moody chose FloriDUH, because he wants to sport some jorts. Seriously in Meyers system, a cheerleader is liable to be running the ball on some plays.

  2. So how did USC lose Emmanuel Moody, the one player the Sports Insider believes will, starting this year, become one of the greatest college football players of all time?

    The answer that is as clear as day:


    So how do we get to that conclusion…follow the logical pathway of the Sports Insider my friend. Read his wisdom, and be dumfounded at his Inside Information.

    1st…Some of you might say, “How is it possible to say this young kid is going to be a college football great???!!!”

    Answer: My friends the proof is in the video.

    Check out this kids highlights at youtube, just plug this into your address bar:


    Emmanuel Moody is unbelievable. He looks like Barry Sanders in Barry’s greatest moments.

    Once you see this kid in action, you cannot deny that he is going to be one of the greats. You can also look on You Tube for reggie Bush highlights. Then you will see that Emmanuel Moody actually has better highlights, moves, and break away speed then Bush!!! Not proof enough? Wake up…this is the Sports Insider writing, and the Sports Insider believes only in objective logic.

    Further, you might say that those videos are mostly of high school glory days in Texas…a valid point except for the Arizona clips that prove you wrong.

    But consider this, at one of the nation’s top football programs this “kid,” a young 19 year old TRUE FRESHMAN was the top rusher.

    Now you might say…how was Emmanuel Moody the top rusher? He was number 2 I thought? You are wrong!!!

    The only way to fairly judge who was the top rusher is to look at yards per carry. In that way, you look at the players on a just level. It’s pretty simple…each guy gets 10 carries…the guy with the most yards after the ten is top right???…Simple logic. So look at the stats.

    Emmanuel Moody averaged 5.8 yards per carry during one of the toughest schedules in all of college football. Emmanuel Moody did this as a TRUE FRESHMAN.

    The next closest back was a JUNIOR, who had a lot more experience, was a lot larger and stronger, and got a lot more carries…Chauncey Washington.

    Chauncey Washington didn’t get as many yards per carry even though he was given every chance in the world to.

    Stats don’t lie. Emmanuel Moody was the best USC had. Now USC lost him.

    So back to my original premise…the how…and my correct answer of the why…the lack of respect shown to Emmanuel Moody at USC.

    Now in all fairness, Pete Carroll is probably a nice guy. Clearly he has also proven himself to be a good coach. He did some good things in Emmanuel’s lst year, but he made a huge mistake. He didn’t give Emmanuel Moody the respect he deserved. He didn’t give his top back the respect that a top back gets, and so he lost him. Now Emmanuel Moody will be a super-star at the University of Florida as Carroll attempts to redeem himself with the other 9 “wanna-be Moodys.”

    So where is the evidence of this lack of respect: all over the place…just look at the facts.

    Emmanuel Moody narrowed down his college choices to two major programs: Texas and USC. In fact, he had verbally committed to Texas when he decided it just wasn’t his best option, and he became a USC Trojan. Great move for the Trojans…and evidence has shown it was only a so-so move for Emmanuel Moody.

    Right off the bat, he was not given the respect he deserved..the respect he earned.

    The proof is in the stats:

    2006…Game 1 as a Trojan

    They gave him a mere 7 touches, but he did a lot with it: 58 yards, 8.3 yards per carry, and 1 Touchdown.

    Game 2

    They only gave him the ball 2 more times then they did the game before, who is coaching this program!!!

    9 carries, 70 yards, 7.8 yard average

    Game 3…USC wakes up, just a little bit!!!

    21 carries, 130 yards, 6.1 yard average (on 21 carries folks!!!), player of the game, and 1 touchdown

    You probably would believe that if a running back is doing terrific with each carry you would get him the ball more…well not at USC!!!

    Game 4 (He didn’t play!!!)

    Game 5, the evidence says USC is still holding him back.

    Only 15 touches, but he still rumbled for 67 yards, and had a 4.5 yard average per carry.

    Now here it is. The kid has proven himself 5 games deep, so just get him the ball and he will destroy a college defense. He has shown his worth, he has done better than anyone else, and so it is time. Time to make him the go to guy, time to give him the ball much more, time to show him RESPECT.

    NOT AT USC. They believed it was time to mess with this TRUE FRESHMAN’S MIND.

    The rest of the season…USC and Carroll give him sporadic playing time, limit the amount of toches he gets when he is in the game, and don’t even allow him to get a single carry in the Rose Bowl.

    Now some might say that he didn’t play in the Rose Bowl because he was injured. In terms of that argument, although it is true that he was injured 4 games before the Rose Bowl (with an ankle sprain), the Insider knows he practiced the entire week leading up to the rose bowl and sources close to the Insider indicate he was MORE THAN READY TO GO. In fact, if Pete Carroll would have given him a shot against UCLA a month earlier, then they probably would have been playing for the National Championship come January instead of watching Emmanuel’s New team, the University of Florida, win it all.


    When a player deserves it, you give him respect. As a coach, once he earns respect with his play, you make him a featured guy, you make him a go-to guy, and you GIVE HIM THE BALL!!!!

    That is not what Pete Carroll did, and now Emmanuel Moody is lost from USC. Florida will not make the same mistake, and Emmanuel Moody will become one of college football’s greatest of all time.

    You read it here first.


  3. I am sorry, I can help nothing. But it is assured, that you will find the correct decision.

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