Astronaut Claims to be Insane

In a shocking turn of events, Captain Lisa M. Nowark, USN, will plead insanity. At this point she will have an R.C.M. 706 board to determine if “at the time of the alleged criminal conduct, did the accused have a severe mental disease or defect?” R.C.M. 706.

Who would think a person was suffering from a mental defect after driving from Houston to Orlando, wearing diapers, carrying a BB pistol, wig, trench coat, hat, knife, steel mallet, surgical rubber tubing and black plastic garbage bags?

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Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches©, on 28AUG7, filed this civil rights complaint, entitled Jonathan Lee., Riches© d/b/a Rockefeller Riches v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc..

Mr.Riches© is seeking “$5,000,000.00 million” in damages. The JLR (as Mr. Riches© is referred to on Dreadnaught) also claims to be “deaf and blind, diagnosed with terminal cancer.”

This is the text of the complaint:


Plaintiff, who is deaf and blind, diagnosed with terminal cancer is a former Boys Scout of America den leader, former singer in the church choir, Philanthropist, and humanitarian aid was hired by Walmart stores, Inc. On May 4, 2003 under a disability internship program. I was under the care and supervision of Wal-Mart management and supervisors. The very first day I worked for Wal-Mart, my life has become a living nightmare. Continue reading

USC Trojan Update – 3 Days From Kickoff Against Idaho

Here is the recent news coming out of Troy:

Abu Ghraib Court-Martial: LTCOL Jordan Guilty and Not Guilty

On 28AUG07, a court-martial found Lieutenant Colonel Steven Jordan, USA, not guilty of charges that he was responsible for the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail. LTCOL Jordan was found guilty of disobeying an order, UCMJ Article 92, not to talk about the investigation. This order was given by his commanding general.

LTCOL Jordan was acquitted of cruelty and maltreatment (subjecting detainees to forced nudity and intimidation by dogs); dereliction of duty by failing to properly train subordinates; and failure to obey a lawful general order by allowing the use of dogs during interrogations without the approval of higher authorities.Colonel Thomas Pappas, LTCOL Jordan’s superior officer, received areprimand and a fine of several thousand dollars for approving the useof dogs during interrogations.

LTCOL Jordan faces a maximum of 5 years confinement, total forfeitures, dismissal, and a dishonorable discharge. Sentencing should begin tomorrow.

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