College Football Quiz: Mascots Not Ending With "S”

Of the 119 Division I FSB schools, which 11 teams have a mascot not ending with the letter “S”?


Quiz 2 – Division I FCS ( known as Division I-AA) mascots not ending in the letter “S”?

Get your SEC info


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  1. okay so i have a story..

    Before i start.. i have to tell you that i am a girl! last year i was in the 8th grade. my history teacher who was also a coach asked my class this exact question and i got every one of them right by myself! lol.. i just thought that it was ironis to see this exact question again.. =)

  2. I know they’re not FSB schools, but the Ivy League alone has 3 schools that don’t end in S, Harvard Crimson, Dartmouth Big Green, and Cornell Big Red. Just FYI.

    Thanks for the info. That may be another quiz. yojoe

  3. There’s actually 12. You forgot the Univ. of North Texas “Mean Green” (whatever a Mean Green looks like…)

  4. Typhoid Rafferty,
    Thanks for the comment, but the mascot of UNT is the eagle, thus they are the UNT Eagles.

    “Mean Green” is like Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech, just an unofficial nickname. Mean Green refers to Mean Joe Green, a UNT alumnus.

    yojoe out

  5. what about the umass minutemen?

  6. tj- UMass is a Div I (FSC) team, this Quiz is only for Div I (BCS). They are listed in Quiz 2 –


    Thanks for the comment.

  7. You forgot ASU Sparky the sun devil

  8. Joe- The official mascot of ASt is the Sun Devils.


  9. You forgot about the St. John’s Red Storm

  10. JMan – Thanks for the comment. But, St. Johns does not play Div I football.


  11. […] Read more about this topic from the author here. […]

  12. Navy Midshipmen?

  13. Bobo – You are correct about the Midshipmen. But, they are listed, just below Notre Dame.

  14. Typhoid Rafferty is right. UNT’s official mascot is the mean green. its just like Bama: official mascot is the Crimson Tide, but our physical mascot is Big Al the elephant, but its not the Alabama Elephants.

  15. Univ. of N.Dak Fighting Sioux
    North Dakota State Univeristy Bison

  16. Kevin – thank you for the comment. But, the Fighting Sioux and Bison are not Div I football teams.

  17. University of North Texas is the Mean Green Screaming Eagles. Technically the screaming eagles.

  18. Dartmouth Big Green
    Cornell Big Red
    Harvard Crimson
    (creative Ivy Leaguers)
    Alabama Crimson Tide
    U Mass Minute Men
    University of North Dakota Sioux
    North Dakota State Bison

  19. I’m sure he meant in the bowl subdivision, although, he did not specify.

  20. has everyone forgot about the NC State Wolfpack?

  21. stlsphinx – The Wolfpack is listed just under the Midshipmen of Navy.

  22. Not FB schools, but these are Div I schools not already mentioned:

    Bucknell Bison
    Centerary Gentlemen
    Elon Phoenix
    Hofstra Pride
    Howard Bison
    Lipscomb Bison
    Saint Francis Red Flash
    Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix

  23. i think the whole div 1 football is confusing way too many people-come on guys-its soooo simple

  24. Who is the team right above nc state?

  25. How about the Presbyterian Blue Hose. I know they play many D 1 basketball schools, but not sure what level they are.

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