Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Don Imus

Mr. Riches© has another good showing in this complaint, entitled “Harassment on the Airwaves.” He asks for an outlandish amount of money, “$625,000,00.00 Million dollars,” makes unbelievable claims, and weaves in a good amount of popular culture. The gem: the JLR claims to be paid $3.5 million dollars per year to commit identity theft. Why would you pay a person to steal your identity? The answer: the JLR is just that good.


Plaintiff Jonathan Lee Riches©, copyrighted since 1994, is a professional entertainer who specializes in magic, Identify theft, computer hacking, Yoga, equestrian mule riding, coal mining, time travel, and skeet shooting.

On November 5, 2002, Defendant Don Imus hired the services of Jonathan Lee Riches© for weekly performance shows at Defendant’s ranch in New Mexico. Defendant operates a Youth Boys and Girls club for underprivileged inner city Kids at the ranch. The services contract was for $3.5 million per year where Riches© was to reside at the ranch. Every evening at 6pm for 2 hrs on the south side lawn Riches© would perform a show for the Youth, the Ranch’s Staff and Imus himself. Defendant Imus would secretly record Plaintiff and Broadcast him without his consent on his CBS talk show and MSNBC in the morning.

On April 20, 2004, 6:45 am on MSNBC, Imus told the world he hired a clown names Jonathan Lee Riches© who could drink Columbian coffee bare footed. Don Imust called the Plaintiff “A white nappy headed Ho-mo,” this phrase was reported on every air wave, Internet blog,, newspaper and magazine. Plaintiff suffered humiliating, embarrassment and mental scarring. Don Imus fired plaintiff on April 22, 2004. Imus gave some of the youth boys Hershey bars to Physically escort Mr. Riches off Don Imus’es Ranch. Imus would not allow Riches to retrieve his personal belongings. Don Imus is still in possession of the Jonathan Lee Riches© stoy volume 1 through 8, various unseen Jonathan Lee Riches© baby pictures, Jonathan Lee Riches© prank phone call tapes.


Plaintiff theorizes that Don Imus’es derogatory on air comments about Jonathan Lee Riches© was in retaliation of Riches exposing atrocities going on at Don Imus’es Ranch. On numerous occasions between November 7, 2002 and April 10, 2004, Don Imus dumped Hispanic boys in the Pecos River. Don Imus is deceiving the public and IRS into believing he’s helping troubled Youth from cities get a better life. That is far from the truth. Imus is involved with forced labor on minors. Imus serves nothing but dinner rolls to kids. He forces boys with Lukemia to pave asphalt. Little Timmy was put in the washer and dryer for punishment. Mr. Imust also has secret ties with Wen Ho Lee who gave Imust instructions to make a dirty bomb. These are may of the continued crimes committed on Don Imus Ranch. Under the whistle blowing act, I damand New Mexico children and youth services look into this.

Who will be next?


2 Responses

  1. Who will be next?

    Elvis Presley and Neverland Ranch (with implications against Lisa Marie Presley as well) in a filing yesterday in the Florida Middle District Court.

  2. Dangit. He called me a white nappy headed ho-mo, too!

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