USC Trojan Update – 3 Days From Kickoff Against Idaho

Here is the recent news coming out of Troy:

Abu Ghraib Court-Martial: LTCOL Jordan Guilty and Not Guilty

On 28AUG07, a court-martial found Lieutenant Colonel Steven Jordan, USA, not guilty of charges that he was responsible for the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail. LTCOL Jordan was found guilty of disobeying an order, UCMJ Article 92, not to talk about the investigation. This order was given by his commanding general.

LTCOL Jordan was acquitted of cruelty and maltreatment (subjecting detainees to forced nudity and intimidation by dogs); dereliction of duty by failing to properly train subordinates; and failure to obey a lawful general order by allowing the use of dogs during interrogations without the approval of higher authorities.Colonel Thomas Pappas, LTCOL Jordan’s superior officer, received areprimand and a fine of several thousand dollars for approving the useof dogs during interrogations.

LTCOL Jordan faces a maximum of 5 years confinement, total forfeitures, dismissal, and a dishonorable discharge. Sentencing should begin tomorrow.

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Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Michael Vick: Supplemental Evidence

In a previous post Mr. Riches©’s complaint was reported. In this original complaint, Mr. Riches© requested “63,000,000,00.00 Billion dollars” in damages. In his current filing, Jonathan Lee Riches© A/K/A “Crusader for truth” v. Michael Vick, Mr. Riches© gives further explanation and clarification about his claim. Below are some highlights:




  • Michael Vick also trained Cujo!
  • Vick paid a crock to eat Steve Irwin.
  • Sometimes when Vick gets angry he cannibalizes puppy dogs.
  • Plaintiff has also been receving threatening letters by Mr. Vick and other pseudo gangs, including: Dick Butkus, Canadian coal miners, MS 13, Lou Dobbs.
  • Plaintiff requests armed guards and Brinks security system for my cell.
  • Below is a threatening Letter from Michal Vick:
    • No one fucks with #7! You little cracker wigger boy. My football buddies are going to punt you. You better hope prison protects you. Your Dead Meat! M.V.
  • Plaintiff requests this court send this letter to the FBI Quantico Virginia lab for finger print and DNA testing.
  • On August 18, 2007, in retaliation for exposing Michael Vick, Vick again broke into my home and took my pomeranian “chops” and my cat “stix.” They have not been seen since. I put out an amber alert with no luck. Poncho from Chips patrol offered to help. Its believed Vick used my animals and Snoop Doggy Dog in L.A. dog fights.
  • Michael Vick stole my tuxedo and bowtie.


P.S. There is a prom picture of the JLR in the document.

Emmanuel Moody: Decides on Florida

Emmanuel Moody, former USC Trojan, has made his decision and he is heading to Florida. Moody wanted the be the featured back, thus SC is the last place he wanted to play. Moody says he followed his heart when choosing the Gators.

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United States v. Michael Vick, a/k/a "Ookie”: Plea Agreement

The plea agreement in Michal Vick’s criminal case in the Eastern District of Virginia.


“the killing of approximately 6-8 dogs that did not perform well . . . and all of those dogs were killed by various methods, including hanging and drowning. VICK agrees and stipulates that these dogs all died as a result of the collective efforts of PEACE, PHILLIPS, and VICK.”

It does not look like Vick will be entering into any lucrative endorsement deals in the near future.

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Texas prep star Mitchell had verbally committed to OU

University of Oklahoma recruit is shot to death.

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Wikipedia Needs Some Major Changes: So Says the Department of Defense

According to Ares computer users from the DoD are very busy editing entries on Wikipedia. “the Department of Defense, whose .mil account holders have been very busy on Wikipedia. The defense agency with the most edits originating from its .mil address is Army’s Network Information Center, with 43,823 edits. The U.S. Air Forces comes in second with 21,478 edits, while the Naval Surface Warfare Center has 18, 591. The numbers drop dramatically from there with fourth and fifth place going to the Pentagon overall and the Office of the Secretary of Defense at 3,355 and 2,685 edits, respectively.”

It appears that the Leathernecks either don’t understand computers or don’t care about what is on Wikipedia, because according to VIRGIL.GRiffith‘s WikiScanner there have been only 30 edits from