Blades of Glory: DVD Review

Blades Of Glory PosterBlades of Glory is the story of Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElory, two male figure skaters who are banned from individual competition, but are return to competition as a male-male figure-skating pair. Michaels is played by Will Ferrell (Anchorman, Old School) and MacElroy is played by Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite).

The movie is not as good as some of Ferrell’s earlier films, but overall it is funny and worth watching.The DVD has a decent number of extras, including deleted scenes and interviews.

The opposing skating pair are a brother-and-sister team played by Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. The real-life couple Poehler (SNL, Upright Citizens Brigade) and Arnett (Arrested Development) also have a very funny extra Continue reading

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Elvis Presley, Neverland Ranch

Jonathan Lee Riches© Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches©, on 28AUG7, filed this complaint, entitled Jonathan Lee., Riches© v. Elvis Presley; Neverland Ranch.

Mr.Riches© who has filed lawsuits against, inter alia, Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Don Imus, Wal-Mart, The World Wide Web, and LeBron James has now sued the King. The complaint is entitled “War Crimes” “Rock N Rollin My Brain.”

This is the text of the complaint:

  1. Elvis Presley is a Rock N Rollin war crime criminal. Presley is in preparation and training to be Bin Laden’s #2 deputy. Elvis plans to use his guitar in Vegas as a weapon of mass destruction.
  2. Oct 4th, 2002 – Elvis took my sideburns. Dec 5th, 2006 – Sold me tainted poultry. May 19th, 1972 – Elvis put a stick in my bicycle spoke. December 30th, 1973 – Defendant suffocated me with a chips Ahoy Bag. Defendant’s daughter Lisa Marie forced me to drink brazilian ethanol.
  • “Love Me Tender” and “Heartbreak hotel” is copyrighted by Jonathan Lee Riches© I was hung from a Econo Lodge Balcony with Vanilla Ice by Suge Knight.
  • Neverland is harboring Hitler’s army
  • Neverland is a training ground for disgruntled postal workers.
  • Neverland hosts nightly pagan dances
  • Stop the defendant’s from selling, publishing, displaying, singing, chanting, idolizing any copyrighted material related to Jonathan Lee Riches©.

Shot but satisfying.


Joker Update: Pictures and Video From The Dark Knight

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This is an update of an earlier post and gives more information about Heath Ledger playing the Joker in Summer 2008.The Dark Knight

The film draws from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. In The Dark Knight, Batman joins Jim Gordon and Harvey dent to fight orginized crime in the streets of Gotham. The partnership, however, pleads to the rise of a new criminal known as “The Joker.” The film will be directed by Christopher Nolan, who directed Batman Begins in 2005.

Filming is ongoing, including explosions, for The Dark Knight. If The Dark Knight is anything like Batman Begins, it will confirm that the Batman franchise is here to stay.

The Dark KnightThe Dark KnightThe Dark KnightTDK 2

More photographs –

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Trojan Football: SC v. Idaho Highlights

J. BootyThe Men of Troy won their 34th home game on 1SEP07, with a 38-10 victory over Idaho.

Southern California wide receiver Vidal Hazelton, rear, makes a one-handed touchdown catch against Idaho's Breyon Williams during the second quarter of a football game Saturday, Sept. 1, 2007. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

The four highlights:

Vidal Hazelton – one-handed catch in the end zone.

Stanley Havili – great play at fullback and a very impressive hurdle of a Vandal defender.

Joe McKnight – showing his ability to reverse field, avoid defenders, and make plays out of nothing.

Stafon Johnson – ran for 64 yards on 12 carries, and had 2 touchdowns.

yojoe Fight On!

Charlie Weis and Lloyd Carr: Coaches of the Week

Charlie “It’s my responsibilityWeis, who earlier in the week refused to divulge his Charlie Weis is speechless as Georgia Tech's Tashard Choice blows past two Irish defenders.  (AP)starting quarterback, shocked us all by playing three quarterbacks, who were able to pass for an amazing 130 yards. This was nothing compared to the -9 yard of rushing for the Irish. The most cheering from the Irish fans was for Jimmy Clausen, as he came in to pass for 34 yards. The Irish lost 33-3 to Georgia Tech.

Appalachian State

Lloyd Carr may be trying to lose his job. Losing to a Division I FCS (formerly known as I-AA) Appalachian State 34-32. On a positive note, the Wolverines will get a win against ND on September 15th. More great stuff on Lloyd Carr at The Jellydonut Blog.


For a good story on Tennessee v. Cal.