Blades of Glory: DVD Review

Blades Of Glory PosterBlades of Glory is the story of Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElory, two male figure skaters who are banned from individual competition, but are return to competition as a male-male figure-skating pair. Michaels is played by Will Ferrell (Anchorman, Old School) and MacElroy is played by Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite).

The movie is not as good as some of Ferrell’s earlier films, but overall it is funny and worth watching.The DVD has a decent number of extras, including deleted scenes and interviews.

The opposing skating pair are a brother-and-sister team played by Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. The real-life couple Poehler (SNL, Upright Citizens Brigade) and Arnett (Arrested Development) also have a very funny extra feature on the DVD. Arnett, who was G.O.B. on Arrested Development, was extraordinarily funny, as usual.

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Another comedic actor who is very talented, but who does not play major roles, is Nick Swardson, who plays an obsessed fan of MacElroy. Swardson (Reno 911!, The Showbiz Show) plays some hilarious characters and needs a major vehicle, though it appears he will be back as Scotty Kangaroojus.

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