Chemical Ali: Death Sentence Approved by Iraqi High Tribunal

Ali Hassan al-Majid at an investigative hearing in 2004The death sentence of Ali Hassan al-Majid has been upheld by the Iraqi High Tribunal. Ali Hassan al-Majid was also known as “Chemical Ali” or the “Butcher of Kurdistan” and has been aptly described as the Heinrich Himmler of Iraq. Majid directed and oversaw “Operation Anfal” during which more than 180,000 Kurds were murdered. It was Majid who ordered the use of mustard gas and nerve agents against the Kurds, in retaliation for their alleged collaboration with Iran during the 1908-88 Iran-Iraq war

Majid was a cousin of Saddam Hussain, and was one of Hussain’s most trusted hatchet man after the Ba’ath Party seized power in Iraq in 1968. Majid was in attendance at the infamous 1979 meeting of the Ba’ath party, during which Saddam had senior party members lead off to their deaths. Majid said to Saddam during this meeting, “What you have done in the past was good. What you will do in the future is good. But there’s this pone small point. You have been too gentle, to merciful.”

Majid is set to be executed in the next 30 days.
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