Jonathan Lee Riches© Update: Peterson and Williams

Mr. Riches© has struck again, twice. He has filled the following suits:

Jonathan Lee Riches v. Scott Peterson and Laci Peterson

Jonathan Lee Riches v. Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Richard Williams, U.S. Open, and Poltergeist

The complaint have not been uploaded. When they are available they will be listed here. Note: If there are allegations against Laci Peterson that are distasteful, these potions will not be listed on Dreadnaught. Scott is a different story. That guy deserves anything he gets.

Update: the Williams complaint is posted.

yojoe out

5 Responses

  1. The California Northern District Court doesn’t have any copies of the Peterson case up, just notes of the filings. Perhaps they too agree that filing suit against Laci Peterson as too low to post (or perhaps they just haven’t scanned the document yet)

    The Williams Case on the other hand is quite entertaining as always. His first claim is that the defendants reached through his TV set and attempted to grab him during the US Open, it goes downhill from there, I won’t describe the rest in comment, I leave that to your always spot-on editorializing.

  2. “Scott is a different story. That guy deserves anything he gets.”

    Why? He has already been wrongly convicted of a crime it was impossible for him to have committed. Why do so many people hate one innocent American?

  3. Well, I dunno about other crimes, but I’m sure he has wronged Mr. Riches.

    And I hate him for that alone.

  4. Another week, and 2 new filings today:

    JLR has filed 2 new cases today

    One against Mike Tyson in the Northern District of Iowa

    The other against 50 Cent in the middle district of Georgia

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