Borat Fans Rejoice: Sacha Baron Cohen Brings The Ali G Character Bruno to the Big Screen

The man who brought you Ali G and Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Kazakhstan is brining one of his other characters to the movies. Bruno a fashion reporter from the Ali G Show will be made into a feature film. Sacha Baron Cohen is also slated to star in Dinner with Schmuchs.

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College Football: Week 2 LSU v. Va. Tech. The Game of the Week

Virginia Tech is the golden child of the media, because of the senseless murders that occurred on their campus this year. OurGlenn Dorsey hearts go out to the victims of that tragedy. That being said.

There is no way the Hokies (whatever that is) can stop the crushing defense of LSU. Headed by Glen Dorsey the Tigers will roll Va. Tech.

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USC v. LSU: The Game We Want and the Rivalry That Does Not Exist teams have not played since 1984, when LSU won and went on to lose to Nebraska in the Sugar Bowl, and SC beat Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. One would think that this is one of the biggest rivalries in college football.

There is the issue of Southern Cal taking players out of LSU’s own back yard. Joe McKnight the Parade All-American Co-Player of the Year, and top running back from the 2007, leaving his home state of Louisiana to come to Troy. Also, John David Booty is from Evangel Christian HS in Shreveport, LA, and his brother Josh Booty played at LSU.

There is also the issue of Les Miles and his disparaging statements about USC and the Pac-10. At least Snoop Dogg has Southern Cal’s back. Continue reading