College Football: Week 2 LSU v. Va. Tech. The Game of the Week

Virginia Tech is the golden child of the media, because of the senseless murders that occurred on their campus this year. OurGlenn Dorsey hearts go out to the victims of that tragedy. That being said.

There is no way the Hokies (whatever that is) can stop the crushing defense of LSU. Headed by Glen Dorsey the Tigers will roll Va. Tech.

Some other games to watch

Notre Dame will get crushed by Penn State on NBC. Jimmy Clausen’s banana hammock will not save him in this game.

FUCLA will be playing the Cougars of BYU. Go Cougars, FUCLA!

University of New Hampshire, way to go with having your quarterback Henri “Hank” Hendricks, being charged with the murder of professional surfer Emery Kauanui Jr.

yojoe Fight On!

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