LSU Football: Making a Good Case for Number 1 Ranking by Crushing Va Tech

LSUVATECHBeing a Trojan fan, this is extraordinarily difficult to say, but LSU may deserve to be ranked number one in the nation. The LSU Tigers have looked absolutely unstoppable against the Hokies of Va Tech.

The LSU defense lead by Glen Dorsey has smothered Va Tech. The offense is dominant, rotating Flynn and Perrilloux the way Florida rotated Leak and Tebow. Early Doucet also looked very impressive. Final scoreDon't start looking around, Les Miles, even when Michigan comes calling. (US Presswire)

  •  LSU – 48
  • Va Tech – 7

This may not be  great news for Tiger fans.  With Lloyd Carr floundering in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines will be in search of a new coach and Les Miles did play there, and idolizes Bo.

OKThe other very impressive team from the second week of college football are the Sooners of Oklahoma. The Sooners dismantled The U 51 – 13.


USC will remain number one in the polls and will roll against Nebraska.

yojoe Fight On!

2 Responses

  1. There should be a Super Bowl for COLLEGE football and when all is said and done, LSU vs. USC. It seems only fair to me!

  2. you suck i want you to lose all the games you have left

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