The Nittany Lions Crush Notre Dame and Irish

The Fighting Irish are getting crushed by the defense of Penn State. No matter how late in the week Coach Charlie Weis waits to name his starting quarterback, it does not make a difference. The Irish still suck. Final score:

  • Penn State – 31
  • Notre Dame – 10

Even with Lou Holtz jock’n them on College GameDay, the Irish are a mid-major at best. Jimmy Clausen and his banana hammock can not change the outcome, but he is brave.

Penn State is just running up the gut of Notre Dame and the defense can’t do anything about it. As the game goes on, the Irish defense is being manhandled at the line. Penn State runners are not bing touched for 3 – 4 yards.

The Irish should put in that pudgy kid of Charlie “I looked at myself and saw a disaster” Weis. If they only had the Brave Brady Quinn.

yojoe Fight On!

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P.S. JoPa could not be more of a class act. Having all of his players clean the stadium for an off-field incident shows leadership and responsibility.

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