Russian Top-Secret Submarine 20120: Details Posted on Internet

In a previous post, it was discovered that the propeller of an U.S. Ohio-Class ballistic-missile submarine was viable on Microsoft’s Russia Developing Top-Secret Submarine-PaperLive Search.

Now the Russians are having a problem with submarine details being released on the web. According to a post at zerohostel, the commander of a submarine met with local city officials and revealed the project number, technical, and tactical characteristics of his boat. The data then appeared on the city’s website. This was later removed.

The speculation is that this new submarine is either a combination-diesel- atomic submarine or that it is equipped with a new type of nuclear reactor. See Javno for details.

Details of new Russian top-secret submarine revealed on city website.

The Internet, can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

yojoe out

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  1. is it the submarine safer than a normal ship? or is very dangerous? please reply

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