The Only Thing More Ridiculous Than the NCAA Taking Away OU Victories: OU Filing to Reclaim Wins

In an asinine move by the University of Oklahoma, the school is seeking to overturn a ruling by the NCAA, which removed wins from OU in the 2005 season.

First, it is ridiculous for the NCAA to retroactively remove wins from a team. The only thing more ridiculous is for the school to have the wins reinstated.

Nothing counts except the scoreboard. That is, the scoreboard on that day the game is played. Taking the victory away years later is meaningless.

Any team, player, or fan who claims a victory over OU because of the NCAA ruling is lost. You did not win on the field. Let it go.

OU what does it matter? Why not appeal the suspension of the Boz, it will mean just as much. The NCAA sucks for taking away wins after the fact, OU sucks even more for caring.

yojoe Fight On!

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