Notre Dame Michigan Highlights: Hart Keeps Promise, Weis Better Rebuild

Charlie “I Looked at Myself and Saw a Disaster” Weis, saw nothing but a disaster on the field for the Fighting Irish. He may have a better chance of winning if he just did not name a quarterback, as opposed to waiting until game time. Jimmy Clausen, for all his hype and bolstering by NBC announcers, has been atrocious. Clausen was, however, the leading rusher for the Irish with -6 yards. The offensive line allowed Clausen to be sacked 7 timesClausen is living up to his billing as the next Ron Powlus.


Coach Weis, this is not a rebuilding season. You need to build something before you can rebuild.

The only Notre Dame Northern Illinois quarter back Demetrius Jones.

Mike Hart delivered on his promise to win the game. He is a class act. His comments after the loss to Appalachian State showed maturity and sportsmanship. His play against ND showed what a great athlete he is. Hart ran for 187 yards on 35 carries and scored two touchdowns.

Before Domers start commenting on this post, saying “If ND does not matter why do you write about us?” Here are the reasons. One, the homer Lou Holtz will not stop talking about ND on College GameDay. Two, this is like watching a car accident.

Coach Weis, you should put in Jones. Wait, he quit the team because ND is so bad and you are fat. Wear the green jerseys next time, you may score an offensive touchdown this year. You are the offensive guru!

Final Score:

ND – 0

Mich – 38

yojoe Fight On!

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  2. What now needs to be proven is whether Michigan has found their groove or whether the huge win over ND is simply further indication of how horrible the Irish are. Personally, I look for Penn State to beat Michigan sending them to 1-3. You can not coach speed and Michigan lacks speed on its defense, which will hurt them all season long unless they can live in the backfield like they did against ND.

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