Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Martha Stewart

Jonathan Lee Riches© has evidently sued Martha Stewart for “emotional, mental, psychological distress.” The text of the complaint is not yet available, but when it is , it will be posted here.

For those uninitiated, Jonathan Lee Riches© (he asserts his names is copyrighted) he is an inmate at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Williamsburg, SC with a penchant for litigation. His many lawsuits include: Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Don Imus, Wal-Mart, President Bush, The World Wide Web, Williams Sisters, 50 Cent, Iron Mike Tyson, Jeff Gordon, Carrie Underwood, and LeBron James.


yojoe© out

4 Responses

  1. i really hope he doesn’t start filing more lawsuits in state court, since i don’t think justia publishes those.

    if he does…hopefully the smoking gun or something will come through and post the state court stuff.

  2. i got your comment on my blog…and fully agree. i’m addicted to reading his lawsuits, and several of my friends are as well. i will keep reading them, and keep linking them on my blog, because nothing makes me laugh so much as this man’s lawsuits. 😀

    i appreciate the fact that you post them on your blog, too…and your commentary on them is always far better than mine is.

  3. Justia is hoping to be able to publish state courts soon but it’s hard to tell how long it will be before that happens as each state court is different, unlike the federal courts which have an almost standard mechanism for getting information, JLR could have been filing who knows how many suits in state courts over the past couple years and we’d have no way of knowing it.

    However for your reading pleasure, there are a number of new cases that he HAS filed in Federal Courts that are just itching to be reviewed.

    Also, another case this week has drawn some interesting attention for those of you who like reading these pro se cases, it wasn’t filed by JLR, but it was very entertaining:

  4. Mr. Moline,

    Why would you do this to me? As it is, the JLR is taking over my life. I may have to sue him.


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