Jonathan Lee Riches© Update

The JLR has been a very busy inmate. He has filed the following lawsuits:

The full complaints will be posed on Dreadnaught, but it may take a day or so. Until then, here are some gems:

  • Unabombing My Life
  • Defendant has always had problems with me since I backed out of buying his Montana cabin in 1993.
  • I fought in an intense guerrilla battle at Tora Bora with Noriega’s Army, Noriega escaped from Alcatraz.
  • I joined David Lee Roth’s band “Panama.”
  • Hollywood actors that won the Emmy’s this year are Genesis Rabbi’s supported by Phil Collins and Millenium Psalms Pilots and Apple I-Phones used with “JLR” Jonathan Lee Riches© technology at Michael Newdow Univeristy Walla Walla, Washington.

Do you think the JLR used his profits from his years with the band Panama, or Van Halen, to purchase the Unabomber’s cabin? Wait, did I just pose that question? This must stop. Also, who looks crazier David Lee Roth or the Unabomber?