Joint Light Tactical Vehicle: Set to Replace Humvee Has Been Placed on Hold


The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) is the purposed replacement for the HMMWV. That was until the requests for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles became the top priority for the military. According to InsideDefense, the JLTV has been put on hold because, General Dynamics JLTV design, demonstrated in a model displayed at AUSA 2006

The misgivings stem from questions about technical maturity, shifting requirements and adequate funding. 

As a result, John Young, the Pentagon’s acting acquisition
executive, has directed the two services to head back to the drawing board to develop a “robust technology demonstration phase,” effectively reversing the trajectory of the JLTV effort that Army and Marine Corps leaders pitched in an Aug. 22 meeting with Young to kick off an industry competition as soon as next month.

“There are several aspects of the strategy that raise doubts about our ability to develop and acquire this vehicle fleet in an
affordable and timely manner,” Young wrote in a Sept. 10 memo to the Army acquisition executive, Claude Bolton, and his Navy counterpart, Delores Etter.

Young’s action means that it is highly unlikely that the JLTV
program, which is intended to provide a long-term solution for protecting troops from roadside bombs, will lead to low-rate production awards to tactical vehicle builders next spring, as the Army and Marine Corps wanted.

The MRAP Category I vehicle  configuration to be produced by International Engines and Trucks, for the US Army and Marines. Photo: Plasan
Does that mean no new HMMWV?

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