Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Randy Moss

Jonathan Lee Riches© (known on Dreadnaught as the JLR) has filed his most recent complaint against the New England Patriots, for “Illegally Spying On My Life.” The text of the complaint is as follows:



Since the 1970’s Bill Belichick and Defendant’s have been in a vast conspiracy with video equipment to illegally tape anything and everything with significant value. Belichick has been secretly recording numerous scandals nation wide over the years. Belichick intercepted calls in 1996 of Representative John Boehner Dec 21, 1996 driving behind Boehuer on a Florida highway, then Defendant illegally sued the pirate tape to Representative James McDermott for $250,000 thousand. Then Belichick gave the $250,000 to Tom Brady’s parents to buy a Cape Cod home, in return the Brady would play for the New England Patriots, and Brady made Belichick promise that Belichick will arrange to get the starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe hurt in games.


Bill Belichick is in a conspiracy today with Los Angles spy Anthony Pelicano to bug and record the home residence of NFL commissioner Rodger Goodel. Pelicano under Belichick’s orders went to Goodel’s home the day after he became commissioner, and put listening devices on all of Goodel’s phone lines, put bugs in Goodel’s bedrrom, and video cameras on the GPS feed in Goodel’s bathroom. Everyday Belichick watches the commissioners moves and records it without the commissioners knowing. Belichick told me “I’m going to blackmail Rodger Goodel, make him resign, then take over to be commissioner.” Belichick told me “when I become commissioner I’ll let any player do steroids.” “I don’t care, I need players on steroids to get t.v. ratings.” Belichick also told me “I’m the real father to Tom Brady’s child.”


The NFL can’t stop Belichick form recording other teams. Belichick has cameras on the Goodyear Blimp with the help of the NSA has the lens zoomed down to the opponents sidelines at Gillette Stadium. I worked as a Janitor at the stadium in 2001. I personally know Foxboro Stadium had video cameras in the bathroom stalls, and Defendant’s have a monthly contract to sell the footage to Idaho Senator Larry Craig. This Bathroom scandal I’m exposing also involves the producers of Candid Camera who buys Belickick’s secret recordings in stadium bathroom stalls from every home game in 2002 and 2003 without the public knowing they are being recorded using the bathroom. Defendant’s also use the footage for voyeurism. On Nov 10, 2002 while cleaning Belichick’s office I found bathroom recordings of fans and snuff video’s inside Belichick’s desk. He also had secret recordings of board members at Heward Packard.


Belichick is a peeping Tom Brady. He has secret wiretaps on every starting quarterback in the NFL from their homes. Belichick asked me once on October 20, 2003 if I will sit in a van across the street from quarterback Chad Pennington on the NY Jets house and record his every moves. Belichick is so obsessed with recording people I caught him with transcripts at m plea bargain hearing in my federal criminal case when my 6th amendment rights are being violated. Belichick is withholding this evidence.


Belichick is a sick and mentally disturbed man. He told me on a phone call on Aug 20, 2007 that he recorded, that he sends Randy Moss to Boston hospitals to spy on ultra sounds. Rand Moss is sent everyday under Belichick’s orders to record traffic signals at red lights in Boston. All of the Defendant’s I witnessed sleep with Kodak film.


May 6, 2007 – Defendant’s sold my copyrighted pictures to the National Enquirer. I’m very camera shy and feel humiliated by Defendant’s conduct. September 16, 2007 – Defendant’s Brady and Moss wore recording devices in their uniforms during the game against the San Diego Chargers. Moss also secretly installed a Radio Shack recording device on the sleeve of Chargers LB Merriman without Merriman knowing. When LB Merriman would go back to the huddle, Belichick heard the play calling. This is cheating. Belechick does this at many games.


On May 20, 2006 – Defendant’s illegally taped my prison phone calls to my family then sold the tapes to CNN producer Andy Segal who illegally aired my copyrighted voice on CNN presents “How to Rob a Bank.” I experienced an invasion of privacy from Defendant’s actions, my heart is broke forever. I’m terrified of Defendant Belichick. He told me if I expose his illegal wire taps that he would get the owners of the Patriots, Mr. Kraft who owns Kraft Foods to put poison in the Kraft cheese I eat at prison. On June 13, 2007 – I was illegally video taped by Defendant’s in my cell naked, this tape was played at the 2007 NFL draft. Defendant’s then sold Jonathan Lee Riches© copyrighted material to Julius Rosenburg at a drop site in Bunker Hill, who sold the material to Chinese cyber crime officials. Oct 2003 – Defendant’s made tapes for rapper R. Kelly of underage girls. April 4, 2003 – Defendant’s planted recording devices in the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s illegal. May 20, 2006 – Defendant’s recod what my mind is thinking. Defendants cheated during the 2005 Super bowl against the Philidelphia Eagles. Before the game Tom Brady put a recording device in Donovan McNabb’s Chunky Soup. He ate it.

So that is why the Patriots were so dominant against the Chargers.

yojoe© out

2 Responses

  1. I love that JLR says he’s been violated because he’s “camera shy.” This guy is awesome. He’s probably going to sue you next because you keep writing about him though – and that’s how you’ll know you’ve made it.

  2. This guy is nothing but a bunch of baloney!!!!

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