Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Theodore John Kaczynski

In a complaint entitled “Unabombing My Life” the JLR is suing Theodore Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, requesting a “restring order against Defendant, his Manuscript, and his log cabin.”

The text of the complaint:



The Defendant has been sending me Electro magnetic encrypted threats to me through Global Solar flares on 9-17-07. Defendant has always had problems with me since I backed out of buying his Montana cabin in 1993.


Defendant told me he wants to Unabomb my life because I won’t return his manuscript that the Washington Post gave to me April 20, 2004. Inside his manuscript has a secret letter regarding Jurisdiction in the Federal Courts that Defendant wants back; Title 18 of the criminal code (Public Law 80-772) is unconstitutional. The clerk of the House of Representatives, Jeff Trandahl, refused to sign letters in response to requests for information. Finally, a letter was received from the clerk of the House, Trandahl, in which he admitted that Public Law 80-772 was passed by the House in 1947, but was never voted on again by the House in 1948 (Even though the Senate amended it in 1948). Therefore, a different bill passed the House in 1947 than passed the Senate in 1948, rendering it unconstitutional and void. Further research showed approximately 9 constitutional flaws in the bill, any one of which rendered it void. When any form of the Argument was presented to the district courts, they tried to dodge the Issue or deferred it to a magistrate (who has no constitutional Authority) to avoid it.

It appears that the issue of the validity of Title 18 of the criminal code 18 USC 3231 is still in question. Whey is the Unabomber after this? I compel this court to know if title 18 USC 3231 is unconstitutional.


On Thursday 9-13-07, defendant is rounding up all the Ted’s in the world to hurt me. Ted Kennedy, Ted Bundy, Ted Turner, Bill and Ted, Ted Nugent, Teddy Bears, Teddy Rumpskin. All notorious Ted’s are outside FCI Williamsburg property waiting for my Autopsy and to draw Blood for the United Way.

Restraining Order

Plaintiff is afraid of Ted, Ted is a mysterious guy with magical powers and skeleton keys. I’m shaking. His face is scary. He has a evil look in his eyes and beard. Plaintiff moves to block the bureau of Prisons from transferring ted Kaczynski to FCI Williamsburg. Plaintiff prays for relief.

Aside from the obviously farcical claims such as the JLR failing to purchase the Unabomber’s log cabin, this complaint contains some cognizable, though not ultimately prevailing, arguments. Title 18 U.S.C. § 3231 (2000), confers original jurisdictions for criminal cases to the district courts of the United States. The JLR’s argument is that this law was never properly enacted. This issue has been faced and rejected by district courts. That does not, however, transform the JLR’s complaint into a nullity. The bottom line is that while the JLR’s complaints may not be legally correct, they are not frivolous. Thus, we should continue to see him put forth his quixotic efforts.

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  1. give him his shit u r a pain

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