U.S. Navy Building Resembles Swastika When Viewed From Above

Navies around the world have been bedeviled by new problems created by the Internet. Be it the U.S. Navy having a photograph of the propeller of an Ohio-Class ballistic-missile submarine visible on Microsoft’s Live Search, or the Russian Navy having details of its latest submarine posted on a city’s website. It is again the U.S. Navy’s turn to have a satellite image cause embarrassment. At the Naval Amphibious Base (NAB), Coronado there is a barracks building, which when viewed from above, bears a sticking resemblance to a swastika.

Link to map.

This picture demonstrates one of the problems created by the use of the swastika by the Nazi Party. The swastika has an appealing look to it, which was probably the reason the Navy happened to use this shape. Note: there is no suggestion in this post, nor is there any evidence that the Navy intended to portray the symbol when designing the building. The swastika is used in numerous cultures and religions, including Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Navajo.

That being said, it may be unfortunate, but the swastika is not an acceptable image in the Western world, because of its use by the Nazi Party. And it is unlikely that this will change any time soon. The same fate has befallen the mustache style worn by Hitler. It is just not acceptable. Although, that does presuppose that any mustache is acceptable, which in this author’s opinion is never the case.
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28 Responses

  1. Bullshit. You think that was an accident? No fucking way. You’re fucking retarded!!!!

  2. It has to be an accident. Do actually think the U.S. Navy would of used that as the shape of the building if they knew?

  3. There is no way this could’ve been a mere accident. Are the architects really that blind that they didn’t notice the huge, honking swastika in the blue prints, or when they were laying the foundation, not one person stopped and said “what the hell….”?

  4. It is not so much that it was an accident in the shape of the building, but it was not intended to be associated with the Nazi symbol. The Nazi used a number of symbols, including the iron cross. The iron cross is still used but it does not mean the use of the symbol is an endorsement of the Nazi message.

  5. I have not seen the building so I don’t know whether it looks like swastika or not, but one thing I have to say ” Swastika comes from India and it has religious meaning and it is sign of blessing and represent peace, love and eternal blessing, and Nazis turned around the sign and used it horrible way” I think it should be bend to call swastika because it is insulting to real swastika sign. It is interesting to see how people don’t know the history of swastika in us and they know this easy and worst way. If building is like “real swastika “then nothing wrong with it. Swastika has nothing to do with it… Swastika it the Samskrit word (which is ancient language of India). I feel very bad when every time hear this miss representation of swastika, world war ended but people didn’t stop the miss using the name of swastika , authorities should have given different name to Nazis sign because it is not swastika, even though it looks like. That’s all I have to say. It is shame that most people don’t know what is swastika in US.

  6. The United States Navy is the second oldest military branch in the US military do you seriously think that they intended to make the building in that shape let alone build it that way to portray a racial disliking. People need to have some respect, and realize that these people wake up everyday to serve this country and us, don’t blow things out of proportion. I highly doubt that it was meant to be constructed like that, so all of those people jumping the gun saying that the planners are racial need to calm down and stop passing judgement on something they know nothing about.

  7. That symbol has become Western(ized) Civilization’s Emmanuel Goldstein. The rampant accusations of “fascist” levied at everyone and everything by the self-proclaimed “Trooooth-Seekers” only goes to prove this, as actual Fascism has been extinct for more than half a Century, and most probably isn’t coming back.

  8. Accident, probably. But what is with you guys (red) saying “oh my gosh what the hell is wrong with the navy the made the building look like a swastika” fuck no they didnt. The built a square building in a square lot with four openings for walkways. And on every face of the square the opening for walking is on the righthand side of the main shaft. Big freaking deal. The U.S. Navy prides itself on diversity and its commitment to the freedom. I would know, I swore the oath to “defend the Constitution” as a U.S. sailor. Noboady in the navy is trying to send a message about race or fascism by designing a building that from above looks that way. Seriously

  9. 1st of all — Nazi swastika utilized a counter-clockwise (right facing) spinning swastika, which this is. That is not to say that there were not other frequent uses of right facing swastikas around the world… However, the Hindu and Buddhist traditions both use left-facing swastikas.

    And further, and far more importantly… These buildings were not built until 1967-69. You can find an “Explanation” by the Navy here: http://www.thepowerhour.com/news2/navy_response_letter.htm

    Personally, I think their explanation is bullshit. They must have figured that no civilian planes would ever fly over the base, and they could not have foreseen that nearly everyone in the world would have access to satellite imaging via Google Maps. They simply never thought anyone who wasn’t supposed to would see it from the air. I mean, come on! An architect draws out his design from every angle — and usually builds a 3-D model of it… how could they NOT see it? That is preposterous to even suggest!

  10. p.s. Note the last name of the guy from the Navy who wrote the response letter…

  11. What’s the big deal? I love how people have to freak out about every little thing. Get over it, it’s a freakin’ building. I can’t believe anyone would think that America, who fought AGAINST the Nazi’s, who do that as a racial response.

  12. who cares

  13. This is bull crap to say that we did this on purpose, the Navy may not be focused on the action side of combat all of the time but we still fight for your freedom and rights, and here some of you are bashing on us because we have a building in that shape so you can shut it. Because any one saying that we did it on purpose is absolutely ignorant!

  14. How could they be so stupid

  15. it’s a beautiful building Zach Butle you all right everybody wants to bash on some fucking bull shit if you look in the fucking dictionary you’ll find out what that symbol means so people stop fucking heating and if they do tear down the building then you all are fucking you idiots make the symbol worse then ever that’s because the idiots like you World War II has been over since the 40s give it up

  16. lol, awesome!

  17. do a little research before you come in sounding like an uneducated moron. if you knew anything about architecture you would know that before A/C (air conditioning) they used to use window! wow who would have thought?!?! and whats the shape that has the most surface area? you guessed it! and like it was said before, its a symbol, the Nazis didnt make it, they used it.

  18. fuck all you faggots. if you think the navy did that shit on purpose? fuck you. i am a sailor. why dont you all shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business.

  19. what about the other two buildings to the southwest of this building?…they have some similar shapes too

  20. Here’s a thought. Anyone consider what’s around the building. Check the image zoomed out. There’s two more barracks that loosely resemble Ospreys heading towards the swastika. I fucking hate it when no one actually does any research and takes the media for what they say. Here’s a map that I was given when I was stationed there. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/images/nab-coronado-map.gif

  21. Don’t worry, it’s unclass.

  22. This is a wonderful example of the media not doing research and molding the views of the innocent. They display a building in NAB Coronado that resembles a swastika. What they leave out is the two barracks to the southwest which look like Ospreys and house MARINES, symbolizing and commemorating the involvement of the Marines during WWII, in which they earned France’s highest honor, the French Fourragerre, THREE TIMES.

  23. Here’s a map from when I was stationed there. It’s unclassed. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/coronado.htm


  25. actually the swastika is a Hindu and Native American symbol meaning horse
    the symbol has been used in hundreds of cultures before anyone had ever heard of nazis

  26. 1) It doesn’t matter how long the swastika has been used. America is a nation of not forgetting and holding grudges and oversensitivity (ESPECIALLY to Israel) so let us not pretend like anyone with any level of legislative or administrative authority in the United States would not immediately identify the swastika as an offensive symbol that correlates to the Nazi party.

    2) To suggest that the architect didn’t know this would resemble a swastika, or that this is an accident, is not only extremely ignorant but a slap in the face to the intelligence and dignity you’re citing to defend the Navy. If the Navy let this slip by mistake, then the Navy is worthless and full of boneheads. And I know for the fact the Navy is not worthless and also that is not full of boneheads. Anon’s explanation is probably the right one. It was probably cost effective to build the barracks like that and that was all they cared about. But everyone knew before a shovel was put into dirt that this thing was going to look like a swastika.

    3) The United States DID NOT fight the Nazis for the longest time. Eventually we got in there, but if you take a peek through your smokescreen you will learn that the United States kept themselves as far removed from what was going on over there as possible for multiple reasons. One was American industrial interests were making giant profits. Two was that Roosevelt didn’t want to get involved with an ethnic war. Three was that before Poland, America and the Nazis had a whole lot in common. Just because we had dismantled our forced labor camps 80 years prior doesn’t mean we never had them.

    4) The United States Navy IS the business of the people of the United States. Telling citizens to shut the fuck up and mind their own business when they question the motives of their military is something that might have happened under a flag bearing the symbol in question here.

    5) The snap defensiveness that many of these posters displayed just further goes to show how deeply ingrained the concept of American invulnerability is in the psyche of our countrymen. As popular as the anti-hero is in today’s culture you’d think Americans would be more open to letting their nation have some faults and tragedy to dwell on and grow from. This country doesn’t need you to defend it, guys, it needs you to see why it’s fucking up and make sure it doesn’t get glossed over the next time our history books are updated.

  27. Honestly, there is no absolute way in hell that this was even close to an accident. There are so many subjects to support the fact that it might not have been… However there is more. America is either being (for lack of a better term) stupid and just not caring OR giving us little hints that may lead up to become something much more than any of us. Look at the damn Denver Airport and tell me there is nothing wrong and its just an accident. From the layout of it almost exactly looking like a Swastika, or all of the disturbing murals inside all telling the same story. When December of 2012 comes it wont be anything that is related to nature ending the world it’s going to be the people. You better believe I’ll be damn prepared.

  28. well Maya the swastika is acalluty considered as an insult to the Germans and a lot may not like it. ans apologizing while mentioning Nazism is a way of respecting the German’s majority that are against it.but after all this is Lebanon and i think it is a shame that we don’t know what or who to follow or support and being liberal in your thinking doesn’t mean you have to insult others in such sensitive issues.way to go Maya in the way u are approaching the issues.

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