Jonathan Lee Riches© v. John Phillip Walker Lindy, Zacarias Moussaoui, Jonathan Jay Pollard, Jose Padilla, Wen Ho Lee, Julius Rosenberg

In a complaint entitled “Terrorizing & Spying On Me” the JLR is requesting the court to “keep all Defendant’s from taking top secret Jonathan Lee Riches© files.”

Some highlights from the complaint:



  • Ladies and Gentlemen, coming in at a very weak 125 lbs at 5 ft 10 inches, bald head, originally from South Philadelphia, the current Lawsuit King of the Universe, the digital criminal, Tampa’s Identity Santa, the Zeus of Lawsuits, I am Jonathan Lee Riches©

  • Sandy Berger game me archives and anchovies.

  • Defendant’s took my Proton pack.

  • Moussaoui plans to fly a plane into my head on Oct 11th.

  • FCI Williamsburg gates with the D.O.D. won’t protect my airspace.

  • I need protection A.S.A.P., I waive all fees.

Archives and anchovies, priceless.


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