Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Timothy James McVeigh, Terry Lynn Nichols

In a recent spate of litigation, Jonathan Lee Riches© (JLR) has filed suit against a number of individuals, states, and an opinion of the Supreme Court. In a complaint entitled “Blowing Up My Life” the JLR is suing Timothy McVeigh. Was he not executed a number of years ago? No matter.

Some highlights from the handritten:



  • They [McVeigh and Nichols] had a responsibility and duty to notify me how the Department of Justice works.


  • I throw up 10 time a day because Defendant’s and the Federal Sentencing guidelines are attacking my freedom like cancer.


Nichols plans to transfer to FCI Williamsburg under Michael Vick’s orders to meat hook me to the Stone Age 1088 B.C. with South Carolina Confederates loyal to Strom Thurmond.

These claims are daft, 1088 B.C. falls within the Late Bronze Age.


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