Marion Jones: Admits To Using Steroids In A Not-So-Shocking Confession

Olympic gold-medalist Marion Jones has admitted to using “the clear” beginning in 1999. Her ex-husband C.J. Hunter was also involved in steroid use, which was discovered during the BALCO scandal. Who would have guessed she was on steroids? She has the muscularity and body fat of a man, and her husband was busted for steroids. Cheater.


2 Responses

  1. Despite her use of steroids, she should not be stripped of her medals. However, she should be banned from competition. Afterall, steroids or not, it took her hardwork to win the medal. You can go watch her races. Steroids or not, the amount of training put in is still phenomenal and she should keep the medal.
    You can see a video of her race here:

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