Israeli Nuclear Reactor Visible on Google Earth

Will the problems created by Google Earth ever stop? An Israeli nuclear reactor has been spotted on Google Earth.


As reported on Dreadnaught there is a continuing problem with submarines being visible on both Google Earth and Microsoft’s Live Search. Last month, the propeller of an U.S. Ohio-Class ballistic-missile submarine was viable on Live Search. Then details of a Russian submarine were posted a city’s website. and Chines Jin-Class submarines are visible.

What national secret will be next?

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4 Responses

  1. I think it’s good that Google Earth exposes these things. It’s freedom of information isn’t it?

    Of coz there are security implications but… I’m sure malicious intents from other countries/organisations have some other way of manifesting, instead of getting their ‘info’ from Google Earth eh?

  2. Well, nuclear reactors aren’t national secrets. I have a nuclear reactor within 30 miles of my house. Why shouldn’t I know about it?

    Second, what’s the harm in seeing a submarine propeller? I drive over the James River Bridge in Newport News, VA all the time and can see submarines and air craft carriers being built quite frequently.

    Anything the government doesn’t want on Google Earth, it can take down, I’m sure.

  3. suadref and Cliff – You are both correct. I have never stated that this is a bad thing, I was just reporting about what is available on Google Earth, and how the world is changing.


  4. I saw nowhere else to put this and hope the moderator approves.

    The more oaths the better.

    “An ultranationalist party headed by the Israeli Foreign Minister said yesterday that it has prepared legislation linking citizenship to an oath of allegiance, in what amounted to a threat to the country’s Arabs to swear loyalty to the Jewish state or risk severe punishment.”

    Fantastic idea!!!!!

    “The legislation would make citizenship contingent on an oath of loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish, Zionist and democratic state,” said party spokesman Tal Nahum. The bill would make it possible for the government to revoke the citizenship of anyone who does not comply or perform some form of military or national service. ”

    I have a tear of joy in my eye!

    any oaths

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