Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Roe v. Wade

For those uninitiated, Jonathan Lee Riches© (he asserts his names is copyrighted) he is an inmate at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Williamsburg, SC with a penchant for litigation. His many lawsuits include: Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Don Imus, Wal-Mart, President Bush, The World Wide Web, Williams Sisters, 50 Cent, Iron Mike Tyson, Jeff Gordon, Carrie Underwood, and LeBron James.

Now the JLR has sued a lawsuit in Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Roe v. Wade 410 U.S. 113, Jane Roe, Henry Wade, James Hubert Halford M.D. The current complaint by the JLR is entitled “The Right To Never Been Born.” The text of the complaint is as follows:


Comes now the Plaintiff, Jonathan Lee Riches©, in pro-se, moves this Honorable Court to issue a order for Defendant’s names in this suit to respond. This is a civil rights suit and crimes defendant’s committed pursuant to: The Right Wing conspiracy with left wing Joining them, harassment and stalking. Plaintiff moves this Honorable Court to issue a TRO Temporary Restraining Order overturning Roe v. Wade, and moving this court to send me back in a CIA time machine before 1970. So I don’t have to be here suffering Torture at the hands of the Bureau of Prisons who ruined my life and sucked the air out my lungs. Plaintiff seeks 250,000,000.00 Million dollars against Defendants and the Supreme court that ruled for Roe v. Wade including Blackmun, Burger, Douglas, Stewart and Rehnquist siblings. Plaintiff moves under Rule 64 the return of my Finger prints and DNA from B.O.P. officials, so they can’t send them on a CIA secret flight to France with Noriega. Plaintiff prays for relief.


The Roe v. Wade case is a Major Conspiracy with the supreme court, Policy makers, companies who pay workers minimum wage, and Prison builders, for economic gain and slave labor. No one can Afford Abortions. I’m on this Planet now because of Roe v. Wade, I rather be on the Planet of the Apes or a galaxy in the Horizon wireless. People think I write lawsuits in prison but I made a Time Machine and can zig zag around the world. I drank Ice T last night with Ice T. The night before I was dog fighting with Michael Vick on 7-7-7, a Lucky day because I won the super Lotto Jackpot 350,000,000.00, but the West Virginia millionaire with the cowboy had lost it in a strip club when Jane Roe was dancing for him on 6-6-06.


Michael Vick is a thief, I’m suing him in state court, Allegany county, Cumberland, Maryland Case # 01-c-07-028965 for betting on sports and betting with Dallas owner Mark Cuban.


7-21-07 – Mark Cuban had a Affair with Jane Roe in my cell at FCI Williamsburg with Shawn Bradley the Mormon and Mitt Romney.


Henry Wade is related to Dwane Wade from Miami. Jane Roe likes black guys. I’ve suffered brain frying from this Supreme Court case. Take us back to the 1960’s – the Year of Love, Peace, and Volkswagens on Leaded gas. I was born 12/27/1976. I was a Model at Main Line Models in King of Prussia Pennsylvania.


When I was born I was named after JR from Dallas Jonathan Riches. That why I know defendant’s are coming to FCI Williamsburg to shoot me on 9/9/09.


1993 – The Branch Davidians in Waco was hiding the Real Jane Roes, as the Government was secretly after he so she could not testify at Capital Hill with Anita Jones against Clarence Thomas May 10, 1993.


Oct 10, 2007 – Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Indians are charging the gates of FCI Williamsburg to force me to have a abortion. I’m 8 months pregnant, the first male to give birth. My cell mate got me pregnant on Feb 16, 2007 as a Valentines Day gift.

TRO Temporary Restraining Order

Plaintiff moves to stop abortions as its giving me nerve damage. The United States is a Democracy and me vote should count. I also intend to run for President of the United States in 2008 as a Prison Roots organization, Plaintiff moves for the shut down of Abortion clinics. Plaintiff moves this court to demand FCI Williamsburg to give me mental health treatment. Plaintiff moves for a restraining order against the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that Jane Roe hired a contract with Jerry Jones money to cut me into pieces and drown my brain in the Trinity River. I feel unsafe, I have no higened or showered in 5 years. Defendant’s are keeping me 500 miles away from my family No parole. This is a Major Gulag that Defendant’s are financing through fraud. Plaintiff prays for relief.

Remember, you read it first on Dreadnaught, Jonathan Lee Riches© in 2008. This must be how Larry King felt when Ross Perot announced his presidential run on his Larry King Live.

yojoe© out


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