Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Briar’s, B&E Juices, Glaceau Vitamin Water, 50 Cent, Canada Dry

Jonathan Lee Riches© (known on Dreadnaught as the JLR) has filed his most recent complaint entitled Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc, Pepsi Cola Bottling Group Inc., Briar’s USA, B&E Juices Energy Brands, Glaceau Vitimin Water, 50 Cent A/K/A Curtis Jackson, Canada Dry Bottling Co.

This complaint approaches the surreal, as Dreadnaught is named in the complaint. The text of the complaint is as follows:


1. Since Feb 25th, 2003, Defendants are in a vast conspiracy to use my copyrighted trademarked name Jonathan Lee Riches© on their products, and advertisements without my consent.
2. Plaintiff is a convicted Identity theft computer hacker serving a illegal sentence of 125 months in Federal prison, currently housed at FCI Williamsburg, Sparta, South Carolina. Plaintiff 6th and 5th amendment rights are still being violated under Booker and Fan Fan.
3. Plaintiff received National exposure prior to his Feb 25th, 2003 Arrest for his modeling and acting career with Main Line Models of King of Prussia Pennsylvania. Defendant Coca-Cola Arranged with Main Line Models on Feb 10, 2001 to have Plaintiff model without his shirt in print and Billboard Ads in the Philadelphia/Trenton Area drinking Coca-Cola. This was in contract that lasted for 2 years and valued at $250,000 dollars a year. After this contract was terminated, Coca-Cola continues to use my Image and copyrighted name on Billboards nationwide.
4. Since my arrest on Feb 25th, 2003, Defendants use my Image and Photo on all their products currently if you buy a 6 Pack of Pepsi on the label you will see “Pepsi Cola what Jonathan Lee Riches drinks.” Pepsi Cola is distributing my photgraps and the Jonathan Lee Riches© name globally without my permission. This is don my reputation damaged because I don’t even like Pepsi. I’ve always gotten sick in the past drinking Pepsi products.
5. Since Feb 25th, 2003 Rapper 50 Cent A/K/A Curtis Jackson, Glaceau Vitim Water, Briars USA, and B&E Juices have been putting my name on all their Advertisements without my consent. 50 Cents wears Jonathan Lee Riches© T-Shirts and ballcaps in Viatim Water commercials. Blaceau promised to pay Main Line Models $2.5 million dollars to use the Jonathan Lee Riches© copyrighted name.
6. Since Feb 25th, 2003, Defendants have used slander and defamation towards my name. Defendants placed a billboard on I-95 10 miles North of South of the Border with my face on it drinking Coca-Cola in one hand and Pepsi Cola in the other. It Advertised the words “It’s so tastey, Even Jonathan Lee Riches drinks it.” Jonathan Lee Riches© is now a global brand of Defendants misconduct without seeking permission from me.
7. On May 10, 2007, I signed a contract with This is the only contract I currently have. Dreadnaught will not write me any letters and I lost contact with them, because they seen min in Defendant’s advertisements and think I have a contract with them instead. This has caused me Major damage.
8. Defendat’s plan to host the all you can drink Jonathan Lee Riches© night on my birthday on Dec 27th, 2007 without my consent.

Dreadnaught has not signed a contract with the JLR, unless this blog has taken on a life of its own. But, who would disagree with the JLR? He is on a billboard in Trenton. Given that the JLR is in prison, is his reputation harmed by being protrayed as drinking Pepsi?

yojoe© out

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5 Responses

  1. of course, the real question is whether you have been writing him letters, and if so, if you then stopped. 🙂

    my friends have been trying to get me to write him, but i’ve been a little squicked about sending any correspondence, or personal details, to an identity thief.

  2. Hmmm. I wonder when I’ll get sued for being the only person to actually MAKE the Jonathan Lee Riches shirts.

  3. Someone is infringing on Mr. Riches:

    PS, I finally got a new intern, so your shirt should be mailed soon.

  4. Adam McC – Thanks. At least I will have a new t-shirt when the JLR hunts me down and steals my identity.


  5. Hey, also, let me know if you need any pet supplies.

    I got a doggie warehouse account you can use on the down-low.

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