Jonathan Lee Riches© Lawsuits For Week Ending 19OCT07

Jonathan Lee Riches© (known on Dreadnaught as the JLR) has filed a number of complaints in the past week:

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Eric Robert Rudolph, et al – “My name is Jonathan Lee Riches. I’m very high profile.”

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr. – “We met on a gay Nevada chat line called “the man hole.”

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Sami Amin Al-Arian, et al – “I’m forced to grow a beard during Shiva, Sholsim and If I shave with a razor before defendants said they will send a Jewish suicide bomber to my cell to martyr me for my sins.”

Jonathan Lee Riches© Isiah Thomas – “Isiah Thomas is an unindicted co-defendant of mine.”

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Philip Woolston – “When I walked in, I saw Teacher Philip Woolston masturbating to a underage male porn bood called chicken little.”

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner – “I have forever brain damage from the Defendant’s violating my 6th and 5th amendment rights together.”

Wow, what a week for the JLR.

yojoe© out

One Response

  1. that line in the Rudolph suit absolutely cracked me up. high profile…he doesn’t know the half of it. (or, maybe he does, since it appears he has internet in prison.)

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