Jonathan Lee Riches v. Blackwater USA

Jonathan Lee Riches©In a complaint entitled “Contract Killing My Life,” the JLR takes on Blackwater USA and others.


The text of the complaint:



Jonathan Lee Riches©, Plaintiff v. Blackwater USA; Blackwater Security Consulting Inc.; Blackwater Lodge and Training Center Inc.; Erik Prince d/b/a Blackwater Fonder; The Prince Group; Halliburton Inc.; Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc “KBR”; L-3 Communications Titan Corporation; CACI International Inc.; Bechtel Corporation; Raytheon Aerospace Company; Triple Canopy Inc.; URS Corporation; Dyncorp International, Defendants.

Comes now the Plaintiff, Jonathan Lee Riches©, In Hiding from these contract killers, in pro-se, moves this Honorable Court to Issue a Order for Defendant’s named in this suit to respond. This suit is brought under the False Claims Act and Whistle blowing Act and crimes Defendant’s committed pursuant to 18 USC 1001, False Statements, Violation of the Trading with Enemy Act, violation of the Brown Act, Murder, Torture, Treason, Major Fraud, Kidnapping, conspiracy, Arson, Identity Theft, and Terrorism. Plaintiff moves for Congressional Special Counsel to investigate Defendants. Plaintiff moves under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 64 the return of Jonathan Lee Riches© copyrighted weapons, grenades, Bow and Arrows, GPS Tracking, mugs and T-Shirts. Plaintiff requests a Jury Trial. Plaintiff moves for a TRO Temporary Restraining Order against the contract killing of my life, and compels the Defendant’s to shut down overseas operations A.S.A.P., under Declaratory Injunctive relief. Plaintiff seeks peace in the world without American companies meddling in the Affairs of other nations. Plaintiff also seeks to add me on the 2008 Presidential Ticket, as Plaintiff plans to run as a Independent Crime/Corruption Stopper. Plaintiff prays for relief.


Since the 2003 illegal invasion on Iraq, Defendant’s are in a vast conspiracy of a “Magnitude never seen before in this country or the world.” Defendant’s violated 18 USC 241, Brown Act, are traveling the world killing Innocent humans without due process. The House of Representatives are guilty of Treason. The votes for House Resolution 571 on Nov 18, 2005 were a Fraud by Debolds voting machines, and Defendant’s are using Deadly force without due process of a declaration of war. Defendants violated House roll call 608, Mark Foley’s congressional page told me personally on 4-16-07. Look at House Joint Resolution 114, The Defendant’s violated their oaths under Article VI of the Constitution to defend the constitution. I saw President G.W. Bush Personally ripping the Constitution in half on the White House Front lawn on 2-18-03. Bush called the Constitution Just a piece of paper, Bush got the Constitution from Sandy Berger who took it from the National Archives on my Birthday 12/27/02.


Defendant’s killed Virginia Congresswoman Davis on 10-6-07, because she was investigating Defendants murder on Former Arizona NFL Player Pat Tillman and Defendant’s providing weapons for the 2006 Nickel Mines Amish School Massacre in Pennsylvania that Killed 5 girls with the weapons Defendant’s provided.


Defendant’s are providing weapons and Logistics to the Military Junta in Myanmar Burma to kill innocent Burma Monks, because the Monks want world peace, Defendant’s are afraid Global Monks will put Defendant’s operation out of business. 11-11-07, Defendants plan to stage a coup at FCI Williamsburg and turn it into Yangon city, and Exile me back to Tampa Florida into the hands of Hillsburough County Sheriffs who plan to torture me for Identity theft Secrets.


Arial 16, 1999 – Defendant’s provided our Attorney General Michael Mukasey shotguns and Pistols in Columbine where Mukasey is From. Mukasey then gave the guns to Eric Harris who shot Columbine. Mukasey is in a New World Order plot to take away Americans weapons to protect themselves and Justify tougher laws on Identity Theft.


Dec 8, 2005, Defendant’s used Raytheon Aerospace Technology to make South West Airlines 1245 in Chicago slide off the runway and kill Joshua Woods. Defendant Erich Prince wanted Woods dead because they had a sexual relationship on Yahoo Chat Lines, and Woods had the IRS records to Blackwater which would implicate them for Tax Fraud and Pork spending.


Defendants are using Jack Abramoff to lobby Congress in creating HJR 1556, using Defendants and Intel, QUALCOMM GPS chips to inject in my head and Americans by 2009 to track our movements.


Defendants are stealing the food budget at FCI Williamsburg that is making me starving and hungry. Congress set money to the Bureau of Prisons so I can eat, but now defendants are creating chaos in Iraq by shooting Innocents, and lobbying to Congress for more money that is taken out of the FCI Williamsburg Food Budget. Defendants are violating my 8th amendment rights as I’m going to die in prison from starvation (see Exhibit). I weigh 125 Lbs at 5ft 10 inches. From Defendant’s deliberate indifference. I’ve suffered emotional trauma and Neglect because defendants are violating my 6th amendment rights our of Booker and Fan Fan. Defendant’s Federal Income Tax is paying for my illegal incarceration. This is kidnapping.

TRO Temporary Restraining Order

Plaintiff moves this honorable court to issue a TRO to compel defendants not to kill anymore innocent Iraqis and Iraqi children. Defendant’s are responsible on global massacre and are trying to destroy my Life since I been whistle Blowing Congress on 1-10-07 about Defendant’s illegal practices. Plaintiff moves for a restraining order for defendant’s not to sell their company stock of the stock market as it offends me. Plaintiff moves this Court to have Defendants to stop harassing my Internet Dreadnaught friends and blocking them from writing me letters because I need to speak with them. Plaintiff moves this Honorable court to stop Defendant’s from keeping me over 500 miles from my family, and stop Defendant’s from contracting with FCI Williamsburg Teacher Philip Woulston who has been harassing my life sexually on Defendant’s orders. I have Identity theft secrets no one knows. I know the Internal operations to Western Union and the FICO formula to Monogram bank of Georgia GE Capital. Defendant’s are going to thwart my tell all bock titled “Phreakerz” by Eden Press from Exposing Defendants multiple malpractices that I discovered. I move this court to get the IRS Auditor to companies, felons in possession of weapons is against the law, defendant’s continue to starve me, see my Exhibit below my ribs stick out, Defendants want to turn FCI Williamsburt into a Gulag. Plaintiff is moving for the relief requested.

It appears the JLR will be running in 2008. Also, why do you think Sandy Burger gave President Bush the Constitution, if he knew what he was going to do? Also, for the record, Dreadnaught has not been harassed by Blackwater.

yojoe© out

P.S. Please look at the complaint, there is a picture of the JLR.

2 Responses

  1. wow ! what an idea about the world crime and how one can deal the law in better pursuit.

    Out Sourcing in BPO & Call Centre Solution.

  2. Oh dear, here comes another delusional ultra left-wing bomb-thrower trying to play the part of Robin Hood, who by the way was a terrorist.

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