USC v. Oregon: Prediction And Injury Report For John David Booty

The Trojans of USC will play Oregon on 27OR October 2007. Oregon comes in ranked 5th in the BCS, while USC is ranked 12th. The Trojan offense has been improving with Mark Sanchez at quarterback and Joe McKnight seeing more carries. This is, however, difficult to measure because the defense of Notre Dame could make any team look good.

John David Booty continues to improve, after the injury to his finger suffered in the loss to Stanford. According to Coach Carroll, it will be a difficult decision on who to start. Coach Carroll said the JDB is “real close,” to returning to full strength.

The Ducks come in with a strong rushing attack. Oregon rushed for 465 yards against Washington. But, the Trojans have Rey Maualuga and Brian Cushing returning on defense.

Prediction: USC 31, Oregon 28

yojoe Fight On!

5 Responses

  1. Do you think Jonathan Lee Riches will ever sue John David Booty or Pete Carroll for anything? I hope so. Are you a USC fan yojoe?? If you aren’t I’d like to teach you this funny song that makes fun of that song their band plays every time they get a first down. If you are fan, just forget I said that.

  2. As a huge SC fan, I know how important this game is. If we can come into Eugene and beat the Ducks it will be remembered as the turning point in the season. The Trojans still have games against Cal, ASU, and UCLA, so the chances of jumping back into the BCS title picture are still there. We just need to take care of business and stop the stupid penalties. Good prediction!

  3. 31-28 is too close for me, I’d like to see at least a 2 td win.

  4. ABC – yojoe is a Trojan. Is the song something along the lines of “time out for old SC, the quarterback wants his salary”? Having a number of Cal alumni and alumnae in the family, variations of the song have been a long tradition. Please contribute yours.


    Note: abarclay12 of The Leaky Brain has been given the moniker “ABC” on Dreadnaught for no particular reason, it just looks cool.

  5. The John David Booty and Joe Mcknight team up is very good. I think they should start with John David Booty on the game. He is playing very well knowing that the injury was in his throwing hand.

    ” From a John David Booty website.

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