Humans To Marry Robots By 2050: Sex Within 5 Years

Love and Sex with Robots By David Levy

As though we did not have enough trouble dealing with same-sex marriage, it appears we will soon have to deal with human-robot marriage.

According to David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots,


humans will have sexual relationships with robots, perhaps within five years — sooner than most might think.

Sex with robots. Who is thinking about this? And why are they so off on their predictions of when we can start having robot sex? What will happen when same-sex robots seek to marry?

yojoe out

P.S. Dreadnaught neither endorses or has any opinion about robot sex. Never thought that would be necessary to write.

12 Responses

  1. To quote Bender from Futurama: “Humans dating robots is sick!” and “We don’t want anyone to think we’re robosexuals. If anyone asks, you’re my debugger.”

  2. How is having sex with a robot different than using a vibrator or blow-up doll? It just sounds like better technology.

  3. Dang, ccricers beat me to the punch with the Bender quote.

    I’m against sex with robots. Unless of course the robot is really hot. in which case all bets are off..

  4. clearlii – you are right, it is not that different. The funny part is Dr. Levy discusses having conversations with the sex robots. Is this like a vibrator that tells you that you are pretty?

  5. Bender quotes are always welcome.

  6. hey, as long as they know what they’re doing, and they never make any demands for me to bite their shiny metal asses, i welcome these robots. humans are complicated.

  7. Check out the movie Cherry 2000. A man searching for a replacement for his melted down sex robot!

  8. What will happen when same-sex robots seek to marry?

  9. I’m not against sex with robots.I think it is interesting.

  10. More like Vick Robo(sexual)

  11. I recently saw a programme on sex robots made by some men in America, two of the men who wished to buy the female robots had problems with relationships with women unfortunately. One man said that many women have an hidden agenda and only wanted men for their money etc. Of course this in not always true there are many women in the world and men who want relationships without all take, take, take from the other person. I thought that this particular programme was very sad in some ways as these robots will never take the place of human companionship, some of the robots were quiet weird, do some of the people who want to buy these robots only want them for sex as they will never get no thanks and they can control them as they can’t always with humans. This article says that humans may be marrying robots in the future this i find rather strange why would anyone want to marry a robot what is wrong with a human partner. Perhaps its me but as they say there is no accounting for taste or nowt as queer as folk.

  12. I thing robot is not good becoues sex is best enjoyment in life robot have not filing women & men take a relaction make loot of enjoy thaj is thru so I did not like sex with robot men ro women thankyou
    Ashok from india

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