Drop The Cheese: Couple In Southern California Arrested For Selling Illegal Cheese


Drop the cheese and come out with your hands in the air. A couple in Southern California has been charged for selling 375 pounds of “bathtub” cheese. Floribel Hernandez Cuenca was arrested for felony cheese making.


A Southern California couple is facing criminal charges after allegedly being caught with 375 pounds of “bathtub” cheese at an open-air market in San Bernardino County, the California Department of Food and Agriculture says.The illegal soft cheese products are known to cause serious illness such as listeria, salmonella or E. coli. Floribel Hernandez Cuenca, 29, and Manuel Martin Sanchez Garrido, 44, of Montclair, were arrested for selling a variety of unlicensed cheeses to the public. Ms. Cuenca was also arrested on felony cheese making charges.The 375 pounds of seized illegal cheese included panela, queso fresco and queso oxaca varieties, the CDFA says. It was a significant find, the department says. “Illegally produced is cheese is serious threat to public health,” says CDFA Secretary A.G. Kawamura. Unlicensed products may carry a bigger price tag than consumers expect: the risk of severe illness, the state says. Infants, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems are the most susceptible. Expectant mothers should be especially guarded, as the listeria organism can cause miscarriages.

Who is buying cheese out of a bathtub?

yojoe (in queso mode) out

6 Responses

  1. wow. i can’t decide if i’m sketched out by the unlicensed making of food that contains mold anyway…or if i don’t care, because cheese has mold anyway.

  2. did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident,

  3. i’d cut that cheese.

    okay, sorry.

    i’m immature.

  4. Ha!! I love this, especially because of the outside bathtub you found to put in your post. Hi-larious. I’m with you though, I didn’t realize there was a market for bathtub cheese.

  5. I can’t decide what grosses me out more:

    1. The fact that some people are stupid enough to buy cheese out of a bathtub; or

    2. The fact that the California Government thinks there are enough people stupid enough to do this that they MUST write a law to “protect” those idiots from themselves.

    Who is the lame-o cop that has this job. “So Daddy, how was work today?” “It was great son, I busted 3 illegal cheese makers, those sorry unlicensed bastards.”

    -lame-o with a big “O”

  6. Funny – I lived in L.A. in the 80s & 90s and deaths from listeria & e.coli were pretty common in the news.

    Just like Mexico & the rest of the Latin 3rd World, stuff gets made by ppl and sold just anywhere – heck, they set up “open air markets” across the street from major stores.

    One major complaint left unsaid is HOW they get the milk, in many cases, it’s WIC program milk bought from mothers (guys can’t get WIC except in rare circumstances, even if they do have children) So the taxpayer subsidizes these ventures

    A Pakistani friend of mine once commented on how we just buy our food & use it, in many countries, you would inspect it for contamination before using it. Queso Fresca is like that, even store-bought can be dangerous

    But heck, old ppl dying a couple years “early” & a few more miscarriages in an overpopulated city of 15 million can’t be all bad 😉

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