USC Cal: Final Score 24 – 17 Southern Cal

C. WashingtonThe Trojans did fall to the other Nor Cal team, Stanford, earlier in the year. But, the Men of Troy defeatedJ. Forsett the Golden Bears of Beserkeley by the score of 24 – 17.

Having attended the 223rd Marine Corps Birthday Ballyojoe is unable to comment on the details of this game.

That being said, it is a great day. USC wins, UCLA and Notre Dame both lose and the Marine Corps celebrates its birthday.

yojoe Semper Fidelis & Fight On!

5 Responses

  1. Yawn. All doped out on steroids and amphetamines.

    Cortisone too.

    Massive doping = Cal football.

  2. George – what was up with the 1970’s Cal uniform? Can any team in college football play with the same uniform for 2 weeks in a row.


  3. I’m embarassed that Stanford beat USC and Cal lost to them. I mean, come on, that’s just ludicrous. Their uniforms hurt my eyes and I don’t even have HD tv.

  4. ABC – Why is it that teams think they need to have a new uniform every week? WVU did the same thing.


  5. Cal is atrocious. Oh, their colors, too! 😀

    Ed: Are all college football teams trying to come out with new uniforms each game. WVU -bad yellow, FUS – black, UG – black. Just stop it. Look at Penn State – same uniforms for decades, and still one of the best. yojoe out

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