Jonathan Lee Riches© v. John W. Hinckley Jr., Jodie Foster, Et Al.

In a complaint entitled, Jonathan Lee Riches©, Plaintiff v. John W. Hinckley Jr.; Jodie Foster; St. Elizabeths Hospital; James Brady; Timothy McCarthy;Thomas DeLahanty. The JLR has sued John Hinckley.

Highlights from the complaint:

  • Seeking 25 Million dollars from Defendants for 8th amendment violations of cruel and unusual Punishment.The prison thinks I’m the next John Hinckley.
  • The prison is afraid I use my Lawsuits as a weapon of mass destruction . . .
  • I’m subjected to Used Boxers, No Cosmetics, no books, screaming Inmates.
  • Hinckley told FCI Williamsburg to leave me here to rot, so I can be mummy wrapped in Ziploc and sent to the National Archives.
  • If I die in solitary, I move this court to know I will die as a martyr . . .
  • Hinckley is spreading plague to my mind.

Not sure where Jodie Foster fits in? Maybe the JLR likes her more than Hinckley.

yojoe© out

3 Responses

  1. This is awesome! I can understand suing John Hinkley, I mean after all according to the complaint, Mr. Hinkley is planning to kill him. He should have sought injunctive relief however, because that would be immediate. As the Court system goes, by the time he is up for trial and a judgment rendered in his favor he will, of course, already be killed at the hands of Mr. Hinkley so….the case will be moot and dismissed for lack of prosecution.

    So Mr. Riches (copywright)–take my free legal advice—file an amended petition seeking an injunction enjoining said defendants from actually killing you–that should buy you some time.

    But please drop Jodie Foster–hasn’t she been through enough?

  2. schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  3. I love it. Too bad he’s subjected to used boxers and no cosmetics, but I will consider him a martyr if he dies in solitary.

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